Kate, the Morkie

My best friend lost her Boston Terrier in 2006. She has had a few dogs in her life, but after her Molly died, she has not gotten one yet. Her friend told her that she just could not get a “Prissy dog”. She’d have to get a larger dog. But after her friend visited my home, she met my Kate who as I said before is a Morkie. She is really a cute and fun dog. So when her friend met Kate, she told my friend, “you can have a Prissy dog” like Kate. As I said, Kate is a diva dog. She literally steals the hearts of all the people she meets. Actually, she even has a ‘god father’ and ‘god mother’, who are humans and love her.

Kate. When she was a baby, and she had a dog harness on, she looked like a ‘hamster on a leash’ according to her ‘god father’. But now that Kate is 2 1/2 years old, she is much bigger and can drag me around when she is wearing a harness and leash. I don’t use just a collar with a leash because I am afraid she will work herself right out of the dog collar and run into the road. She really is a ‘Prissy Dog’.

In honor of Lucky

My mom had a Scottish Terrier whose name was lucky. He was my aging (84) mom’s best friend, companion and her life. Oh how he loved my mom. He would literally cry if she went out of town and returned. One of my cousins used to come and take him for a walk and he would get so excited when he saw the leash, but she has not been able to do that now. Recently he went out for a run by himself, which he did once in a while since my mom could not walk him and he would come in a short while. I know I have gone looking for him when I was visiting from out of town, but he would be found and led home when he was ready. He had his dog collar on, so I would take his leash and look for him. When he was done with his walk he would come and sit it front of me and let me put the leash on his dog collar and bring him home. But recently, he ran out the door and this time he did not come home. In the morning it was discovered that he was killed by a motorist who did not even stop.

When someone loses their pet, they go through all the stages of grief that you go through when you lose a loved one. I spent a lot of time on the phone with my mom to console her. My sister-in-law who found him dead, called all of our family and friends so my mom would be comforted. My thanks to her for her thoughtfulness and sensitivity.

Lucky was a baby when I met him. He would walk around my mom’s cocktail table on his two hind feet and I called him a boy. I visited my mom once a year, but as soon as I walked into the house, Lucky was there to greet me. On my last trip he did something really funny. When mom was ready to put him in his dog crate bed for the night, he would come running to my bed and stand on his two feet and patting me with his hairy paws. After a few moments, I realized what was going on and asked him if he wanted me to save him. Then we would both go back and he would go into his dog crate bed and sleep for the night. He did this every night I was there, and after I left he would go to my door and sit there waiting for me for many nights.

We never dressed him in dog clothes, but he did have a dog collar and a leash for when someone could take him for a walk. He would get so excited and even go bring the leash in hopes of going for a walk! When I go to visit my mom next, it will be weird not to have Lucky greet me, but even more, my mom misses him so much. So here’s to you Lucky, for making mom’s life so much better while you were alive. You were loved.

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Dog Harnesses

I just wanted to talk about harnesses for dogs. When you use a dog collar on a small dog and attach a leash to it, the chances are the dog collar will come off, or it will choke the dog. Hence the use of dog harnesses are important. They come in variations of colors, size and material. I noticed that when I placed a dog harness on Kate my ‘grandpuppy’, it was easier to take her outside. She is just a little thing, not more than 8 pounds, but she can drag me where she wants to with her dog harness. However, with only a dog collar, I was afraid it would hurt her or come off and she would run off into the road.
There are fancy dog harnesses, jeweled dog harnesses, leather dog harnesses, cloth dog harnesses, vest harnesses and numerous other types. They come in all colors so you can have coordinating colored dog leashes to go with it.

Jeweled Dog Collars

Today I want to talk about jeweled dog collars. When you choose a fancy dog collar, with rhinestones, and jewels, please be very careful. These are meant to be used with stylish clothes only for special occasions or when you want to show off your beautiful puppy. Please be sure to watch your puppy so he or she does not chew on these jeweled collars. The stones may come off and choke your baby. However, it is a lot of fun to dress up your small, large or extra large dogs with beautiful clothes, fancy collars and hair accessories to match. Off course you would like to take great pictures when your pooch is all dolled up. My daughter has a beautiful Morkie (Maltese and Yorkie mix). She loves to be dressed up and can really pose well so we can take pictures of her. If you would like to see how pretty she is you may visit my website at www.puppydazzles.com where she is on the logo and models some of the dresses and sweaters.

Stylish Dog Clothes

Dog owners love to dress their cute puppies in stylish dog clothes, but they think it may too expensive. You will be surprised to know how reasonably priced these clothes and accessories. The dog clothes must fit well, and so measuring your dog correctly is very important. Unlike humans, our pets cannot tell us if their clothes are too tight, so leave a little room for them to breathe. Always use the size chart of the specific website you are ordering your dog clothes, because sizing can change from different manufacturers. When you order these stylish dog clothes, size small may really be xsmall. Also. when you wash an item, make sure it did not shrink. Look for adjustable closures.

There are lots of occasions when you want to dress up your puppy in stylish dog clothes. You can create a puppy calendar and dress them up in these beautiful small dog clothes. Make sure to brush your dogs hair after you remove the clothing so that their hair won’t get tangled and matted. Once their hair gets matted it is very difficult to brush out.

Dog clothes are quite luxurious, but all dog owners should be able to buy a special outfit for their baby. You will find that designers take great interest in making very stylish dog clothes, with the finest fabrics and notions.

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