Lap of luxury

Dogs in the United States are literally born in the lap of luxury. We have luxury dog beds that match with the luxury surroundings, and luxury dog clothes and great dog food. Our pets rarely lack for anything. What about other parts of the world. Africa has been in the news lately. How do their pets fare? Dogs there are guard dogs and therefore live outdoors to protect their owners, and sleep outside. They do not have a luxury dog bed to come home to after a long day’s ‘work’ guarding the owners. Here we have all kinds of luxury dog beds. We buy round dog beds, and pretty dog beds or we get a memory foam dog bed for our older pets who may be in pain towards the latter part of their lives. I grew up in India. Our dogs were on a chain outside, if they were big, or the little ones would come indoors, but they never had any special dog beds. We definitely did not have them sleep in our beds with us. However, our cats slept near our feet and sometimes chased our toes for amusement. But our pets are still our best friends and we want them to have the best of everything. Here we have a luxury dog bed that would compete with our own beds. It is actually one piece of a set. It comes with a cabinet and a toy box. What more could your pooch want?


Fancy dog collars

Dog collars come in all sizes and colors. With all the fancy dog collars on the market, how do we decide which one is best for our dog. We take into consideration the breed, size and color of the dog. It also depends on your own interests. Sometimes we match want to match the fancy dog collar with the jewelry the owner is wearing. If you are wearing pearls, you could have a fancy dog collar made out of pearls like the one on this dog. Or it may be a fancy dog collar with rhinestones on it, or it may just be a plain collar. A dog may have as many different fancy dog collars, as you have jewelry.


“They Could Have Danced All Night”

Our ‘diva dogs’ and ‘princesses’ and ‘prince’ all need designer dog apparel to lift up their spirits. “St Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in Madison NJ knows how to put on the dog” says an article titled “They Could Have Danced All Night.” They have an annual ‘Canine Cotillion’ where the men are dressed in Tuxedos and the ladies in fashionable dresses, but the real guests are their dogs who are dressed in designer dog clothes for the special dog cotillion. The dogs were dressed in designer dog clothes, fancy dog collars and leashes. They had special dog treats and all of them were well behaved. It would have been so much fun to see all the small dogs and big dogs and medium dogs all dressed in designer dog clothes. The writer said there was no barking and the dogs were well behaved, except for a few little dogs who were so well dressed that they seemed to say ‘look at me!’kate-009.jpg

Going to rain again!!

We have been have a flooding problem here in Arkansas and just as the water is receding, it is supposed to rain again! What is a puppy to do with to do with all this rain! Well, I guess he might have to wear his blue dog rain coat to protect his fur. She has a pretty pink dog rain coat with black polka dotted belt. Won’t she be so pretty in the middle of all those boys in their dog rain coats. We as humans do not like to get our heads wet (especially ladies) when it rains, so we get an umbrella or raincoat to protect ourselves. Our four legged friends have hair or fur all over their bodies, so they will need dog rain coats to protect them, or else you will have a pretty wet, muddy pooch on your hands, when he or she comes in from the rain. When you hang up your raincoat on a wall hook, be sure to make space and hang up your dog’s dog rain coat too, so it will be handy when they have to go out in a hurry. Especially when you get home from work.

Bu raincoatza475.jpg

I know my Kate loves pink. I guess it is really her mom’s favorite color, and since Kate is a girl we tend to buy her a lot of pink, including dog rain coats, dog sweaters, and designer dog clothes.

Raised dog beds

I was just thinking about all the flooding we have had recently. I noticed that many people lost their homes and everything they had to the floods. However, there were a few lucky people who did not. Why? Because they had raised houses. Some of the houses were built on stilts and it was a blessing because it protected their homes. All around them was water, in fact people brought them groceries by boat, but they were dry. Just as a raised house saved them from floods, a raised dog bed protects the dogs from whatever is on the floor. Yes, even when it rains, the raised dog bed will not get all soggy and wet. In fact the raised dog bed helps the dog stay cool on hot days, because air can circulate under them. A raised dog bed can be placed anywhere and still be comfortable for the dog. Raised dog beds can be placed on cement, hard floors or even in the grass, and your pet stays comfortable no matter what the surface of the floor is like. There was one lady who said that she hated the steps up to her home, until now, when those steps up saved their home from the floods.

Man dives after dog

Last night on the news I heard about a man who dove into the Red River in Arkansas, after his dog, and was never seen again. My first thoughts were how awful. My second thoughts were, why did the dog not have on a dog collar and leash? Evidently this man and his wife were near the river, when the dog fell into the river, obviously, he did not have a leash or a harness. If he had a personalized dog collar, maybe someone who finds him can notify the family. It is important to have a personalized dog collar for identification in any situation when the dog may be lost. Later, I heard that this man had vanished along with the dog. Evidently the man had some serious criminal problems, and may have purposely disappeared with his dog, in the river. So no matter what kind of collar, a fancy dog collar, custom dog collars, or even a jeweled dog collar would have helped if this disappearance in the water was on purpose. So that defeats it’s purpose. Hopefully, the dog is safe, and maybe will return to his home. His master? Who knows if he planned his escape, leaving his wife at the edge of the river without a paddle.

Easter Dog Dresses

Tomorrow is Good Friday and Sunday is Easter, however, two Little Rock parks are hosting easter egg hunts on Saturday. The folks at the Angel’s Care Animal Rescue, which is a volunteer organization will be hosting their third ever, ‘Dog-Gone Easter Egg Hunt.” Dogs and their owners are invited to come and sniff and find the 2000 treat-filled Easter eggs. Owners are encouraged to dress their dogs in their Easter finest to strut and wiggle their tails in the Easter Bonnet Parade. I know there will be many owners there with designer dog clothes, and stylish dog clothes. Which designer dog apparel will win the big prize? I bet it will be the one in the most stylish dog clothes possible. I wish I could see all these cute dogs and their owners with their choice of designer dog apparel. No matter what they choose, I know each one will be the best dressed pooch to their owners. There is no love like puppy love.