Designer dog apparel

People are paying more attention to their dogs. In fact the dogs are taking the place of children in many families. Some may not have had any children of their own, or they have grown and moved away. Thus, their pets get all their attention. Female dogs are treated as daughters that they can dress them up in designer dog apparel. Dogs look almost like children when they are dressed up in designer dog clothesmidnite designer dog apparel. My Kate looks like a little girl in her dresses and pretty hairclips. Sometimes I almost forget that she is not human.

There are beautiful designer dog clothes available now that I could not even find when my daughter was little. I used to sew dresses for her so that she would have better outfits than I could find for her. She loved to show off her dresses and when someone asked her where she got the dresses, she would say that her mommy made it for her. I even made dresses for her till she finished high school. She did not want to end up with the same dress as others for her prom. There are those who sew clothes for their dogs, and those who do not sew still want the designer dog clothes for their little ‘girls’.

Fancy dog collars

Many pet owners would love to have fancy dog collars for their dogs. However, the small dogs may not be able to wear some of the dog collars that have jewels on it. The rigidity that the jewels cause will make it unsafe for the small dogs. You will find that jeweled dog collars do not come in the very small sizes. However, there are dog collars made of soft material that will be fine for all. Small dogs can also wear necklace type fancy dog collars.

In Peoria, the Foster Pet Outreach program had a costume show, where Lucy was dressed as daisy with a sunflower skirt. She had a necklace of daisies around her neck, just a fancy dog collar of daisies or pearls or jewels would work. Fancy dog collars or necklaces may be just part of a costume or a dress up outfit.

Stylish dog clothes

I met Dawn for the first time when I went to Shreveport. As we were talking, I mentioned that I have a website named puppydazzles and I sell stylish dog clothes, immediately she ran and got her cell phone to show me pictures of her ‘grand baby’ who is a Yorkie. Her daughter loves to dress her dog in stylish dog clothes. In fact she has a large collection of stylish dog clothes. Bur Dawn took my name, number and website to show her daughter. The funny part was that she too is from Indian (India) descent, and we both call our daughter’s puppies, our grandbabies. It was good to share our baby’s pictures. It immediately created a bond between us. We would have talked more but she had a meeting to attend.

Lots of people love their dogs so much they want to get the best of everything for them. And this includes stylish dog clothes. They buy new clothes for every occasion.

Designer dog beds

Designer dog bed

Nature’s Foundation dog beds were developed with your pet in mind. Just as you would purchase a bed mattress with a support system for yourself, so you should consider a designer dog bed with a support system for your pet. The unique design of this designer dog bed incorporates 2 3/4″ of orthopedic foam on top of 2″ of cedar bedding which is enclosed in its own zipper bag that can be refilled and washed. The combination of the foam and cedar gives unparalleled support and comfort. Other features of this designer dog bed include a washable cover that’s nylon on one side, fleece on the other and a carry handle for portability. This designer dog bed gives great support for your dog, keeps the fleas away, and repels odors.

Boy dog shirts

Girl dogs, like humans have all the best clothing. So do only girl dogs get dressed up. Owners of boy dogs would love to dress them up. Boy dog shirts are available and really make a boy dog look like a boy. However, I have seen dogs dressed in a tee shirt that did not fit well, and really looked bad. Boy dog tee shirts are really cute when it fits well. I think that larger dogs are not necessarily proportionate and therefore the clothes do not fit well. But if the dogs were measured for the right size and proportion, these clothes could be made to fit them and will look much better. Most of the clothes are modeled on smaller dogs. Boy dog shirts and tees can fit proportionately if chosen.

There are Hawaiian boy dog shirts, and twin dog sweater sets. I am sure that whatever your choice is, you know what will look best on your boy dog. Boy dogs have shorter fur, or at least shorter on the head so that they do not require any clips to hold their hair up. They could have jeweled dog collars though to dress up. Since dogs need collars too, it would be appropriate to have a fancy dog collar.Boy dog baseball teeBoy dog jungle shirt Oh yes, and boy dogs and girl dogs could wear sunglasses if they choose to.

Designer dog apparel

emerald ecstasy

Dogs do not know anything about designer labels, but they certainly know when they are dressed in designer dog apparel.  When the clothes they are wearing looks good, it makes them happy.  Sunday was my birthday, and my daughter, her husband and their dog, Kate came to visit.  On Sunday, after she was given a nice bath, she was dried and her hair was put up in a purple scrunchie.  Then she was dressed in a pretty blue dress, with pink and lavender pom poms on it.  She was just so cute to watch.  She certainly acted differently, and seemed to enjoy it.

I have noticed that she loves to pose for a picture.  When she is dressed in designer dog apparel she knows that she is getting all the attention.  If you take a camera out, she will pose for it.  In fact she posed for about 12 pictures (hundreds actually, to get the 12) for a calendar that was a birthday gift to me.  It started with April and goes through to March of next year.

Looking at designer dog apparel there are so many pretty dresses, and they look as if they were made of a baby.  But then again, our pet is our baby, and so the designer makes dresses that will enhance their look.  My favorite is a green dress (my favorite color), actually, and emerald green dress, that really is very elegant.

“Its either me or the dog”

I was watching the program”its either me or the dog” or something like that and was quite interested in the trainers methods. The little dog had completely taken over the wife’s life. She slept on the bed with them and wanted to go out in the middle of the night and went crazy when the mail came. She would attack anybody she came across on her walks. The trainer was very calm and good with her methods. She told them that the dog was not getting enough exercise and needed to play outside more, and go for more walks.

When the owner took her dog for a walk, the trainer told her to hold the leash on the dog collar and when they met someone on the road, she was to turn around and lead her with the leash on the dog collar and walk the other way. After a while, when she had walked a while, she was very calm when she met a person on the walk.

The family spent more time playing with their dog. One night, the wife had to leave and the husband was told to put the dog in her dog bed by the main bed. So at night, when the dog got on to the bed, he put her back in her bed, and did not pay attention to her when she wanted out in the middle of the night. After putting her back a couple of times, the she stayed in her dog bed for the rest of the night.

She was quite a pretty white dog and enjoyed her walks, and stayed on her leash and dog collar without charging at people on the walk. She became calmer and actually slept through the night. By the end of the training session, the dog was totally different. She was calmer because of the exercise she was getting during the day. The trainer mixed exercise with hand and short verbal commands, and it was quite an amazing transformation. So, there is no excuse for a dog to take over the owners’ lives. The owners must take over the dog’s life and treat him well and reward him for good behavior and change the negative behavior. A good dog collar and dog leash is an important part of training your dog.