Designer dog beds

I was reading another blog and they posed the question: Since when did dogs and cats become choosy about designer items.  He said, why would dogs need an expensive designer dog bed, when they would just tear it up anyway.  I wondered what type of dog he had that would tear up his bed?  Then again, my sister said that their dogs chewed through the beds they bought.  I realize there are dogs who will chew on anything they can get a hold of, unless they are trained earlier not to do so.  Our Kate is a small dog.  She loves satin and silk.  Yesterday, she was sitting on my sofa, but when I put my silk pillow down, she promptly got on top of it.  Dogs can be picky about having a designer dog bed.  They do have a sense of what is pretty, soft and has quality.  Of course, very often pets take over their owner’s beds, and push them off.  In that case they would not need a designer dog bed.  But if the dog is trained to sleep in his own bed, then a fancy dog bed is always welcome.  Smaller dogs like the softer fabric and don’t need their beds to be very thick.  The larger dogs may do quite well with a fleece or terry material, but a thicker bed, like a memory foam dog bed would be appropriate for them.  But most of all, it is not the dog that cares about the designer tags, but the owners who want nothing but the best for their best friend.

Bone shaped dog beds

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