Luxury dog clothes

flower dog dressThere is a young girl who had cancer and is in remission now, so her mom bought her a small black dog.  They are going to have a graduation from cancer party for her and her mom bought her a lovely white dress that is trimmed with black embroidery at the bottom.  Now they need a luxury dog dress to match her dress.  It is wonderful to be celebrating being in remission and she certainly deserves to have such a beautiful, luxury dress, and of course her puppy needs to be dressed in a luxury dress too.  I think I will suggest the mom to order this white flower dog dress and have a black sash.  I am not sure if the designers would be willing to put a black trim at the bottom to match with her dress.  The dog is totally black and cute, so a white dress would be best, because the dogs fur can look like the black trim.

I am honored that they would come to me for a luxury dog dress for such a wonderful occasion.  I hope that she will be happy with this suggestion. She sent me a picture of the young girl, her dog and the dress she is going to wear.  Now we have to get the perfect luxury dog dress.

Support our troops dog dress

Support our troopsMemorial day was a time to think of and give thanks to the many brave soldiers who gave their lives so we can be free.  There still are many soldiers who are fighting to keep us safe.  I thought this stylish dog dress that has “Support our troops” on it would be a wonderful dress for all you military dog owners and others who are grateful for what our troops are doing for us.  This is a cotton dress with bright yellow trim.  It has a yellow collar and two yellow bows.  It opens in the front and has fasteners.  This is a very stylish dog dress and would look good on any dog, and sSupport our troops stylish dog dresshow our troops how much we appreciate them.  We also have a “Support our troops” dog sun visor and boy dog shirts to keep the sun from your dog’s eyes.

There are other stylish dog dresses that are simple but elegant.  Dogs do look really cute in these stylish dog clothes.  You can take your pooch to the lake or a party and it will make a wonderful statement.  Our troops are either in war or in other parts of the world keeping the peace.  You don’t have to approve of war to support our troops around the world.  They go to help in disasters around the world too.  How often do we remember all the hard work and training that goes into protecting our country and helping people in trouble.

I just finished reading a book about a soldier who was a highly trained paratrooper, and how he and his buddies were on call to go to any disasters or problems anywhere in the world and had to be ready to leave in an instant.  It made think about our soldiers, some are so young and are away from family and loved ones.  Some have to be ready to go on secret missions without telling their family about it or exactly when they have to leave.  So if you feel this way, show it in the way you dress your dog, whether at home or to go to a military party, graduation or function.

Jeweled dog collar

There was a story about a dog who won a diamond dog collar, but the owner said that the would not be able to wear it in New York.  The speculation may be that she is afraid of losing it or that it is too big.  I just read a blog where this pet store owner placed a $3000 collar on her dog for a photo shoot and then the dog disappeared and returned wet but without the $3000 dog collar.  Some pet owners are willing to pay large amounts of money (that is why stores carry these products) for jeweled dog collars for their beloved pets.  These collars are just for show, just as an expensive necklace is placed in the safe deposit when not used, or fake ones are made to look just like the real ones, so the expensive jewels will not be stolen.

We all like to have unique dog collars and unique items for ourselves.  People pay large amounts of money to get that unique couture dress that is the only one of its kind.  Sometimes, people are told it is one of a kind, only to go to a party and see someone else wearing the same exact dress, and is upset about it. Why do we crave for uniqueness? I guess it just shows our diversity and taste for new and different things.  A dog collar can be used for different reasons and uses.

Dog leads and harnesses

My ‘grandbaby’ Kate is staying with me for a week or two while her parents go out of town for the memorial weekend.  She is quite a strong little puppy for about 7-8lbs.  When we got outside, she has on a pink camo dog harness with a matching pink camo leash, she literally drags me wherever she wants to go.  When we go to the back of the house, she first walks all around the pool and then she will do her business.  When we go to the front she takes me around our circular driveway.  If she did not have on a dog harness, I hate to think that her collar may have choked her by now.  I do let her have her own way up to a limit.  When I do pull her my way, it is very gently, but she can put the brakes on pretty strong.  The reason we have on a dog harness for her is because she is just a little dog, and if one were to yank on her collar in the wrong way it could occlude or destroy her trachea.  It is important for us to use a dog harness for the small and the strong-willed dogs.  Some dogs that tend to go wild when they see other dogs, are best handled with a dog harness.  Yesterday we were out and Kate wanted to see the dog next door who was also on a walk.  But when the other dog came near he started barking and lunging, and the owner was having a hard time holding onto him with only a leash on a collar.

Pretty dog harnesses and matching leashes keeps the owner and the dog stylish and happy.  Sometimes, I use a leash with jewels on it, but it does not match the pink camo dog harness that Kate has on right now.  It is fun to use the matching leash.  The most style conscious pet owners make sure they have jeweled dog harnesses and leashes or just a matching pretty flowered dog harness and leash.

Luxury dog beds

Hotel chains like Ritz Carlton and Red Roof Inns are going to the dogs.  They are now taking dog guests and provide amenities such as luxury dog beds, dog collars, and dog dishes.  It is however important to call each hotel to check on the rules before you take your pet with you on your vacation.  If you choose to take your own luxury dog bed with you that would be fine too.  It all depends on your needs for your pet.  It is great that you now have the option to do this.

There are all types of luxury dog beds that are available for dogs or cats for that matter.  There are heated dog beds, raised dog beds and dog crate beds.  Did I mention that my Kate loves her new dog crate bed?  Well, she likes it when she is at her own home (my daughter’s).  She has no problem getting into her dog crate when my daughter and her husband are ready to go to work.  But since she is visiting with me, she does not think that her dog crate bed is necessary.  She likes to lie down right next to me, wherever I am.  While I am working on my laptop, she wedges herself between the seat I am on and the next.  She even rests her little chin on my laptop.  If I were to put her in the dog crate she barks at me.  She has a luxury dog bed in her dog crate but it does not seem to compare to being right next to her grandma.Luxury dog bed

Luxury dog clothes

I saw that Ashlee Simpson got married and her groom had his dog in the wedding.  The article did not say whether the dog wore a dog tuxedo or bride dog clothes depending on the sex of his dog.  Dogs are very much a part of their owners’ nuptials and graduations.  This is the season for weddings and humans and dogs will be looking for luxury dog clothes or bridal clothes for their owners.

Luxury dog clothes are important for any occasion that you want to celebrate.  Even a dog’s birthday calls for luxury dog clothes and accessories.  I love the pictures of dogs is pretty luxury dog clothes.  The soaring prices of oil is causing everything to be more expensive.  Travel for both pets and their owners are going to be so expensive that the luxuries are being sidestepped.

Stylish dog clothes

In the Sunday paper here is Arkansas there was a picture of a Schnauzer and its owner dressed alike. They wore a white robe, curlers in their hair, and bunny rabbit bedroom slippers. It was interesting to see their picture. Just as this pet owner dressed her dog to match her own outfit, many other dog owners would love to dress their dogs in stylish dog clothes to match their own stylish clothes. My Kate is so cute and when she is dressed in stylish dog clothes, she really looks like a little girl. She is just like a baby. She wants to sit really close to me when she can. She is spending a week or so with me and I love the company. I also love to buy her stylish dog clothesRed hot dress and take pictures of her.

Stylish dog clothes do not have to be expensive and therefore is available to all dog owners who want to dress their dogs should be able to afford to dress them well. There are stylish dog clothes that are within $15 and can really look good on them. They can be worn to parties and other places.

Jeweled dog collars

I was reading my paper and came across this comic by Patrick McDonnell, called Mutts.  It shows a picture of a girl hugging her dog with a chain around his collar and said “Tied up all the time and your still a sweetie – I don’t know how you do it!”, then there  is a thought blurb from the dog  thinking “The chains around my neck…Not My Heart.”  It got me thinking about what the dogs think when you put them in a chain and leave them outside all day in the heat that is coming this summer.  We get love from our pets but how much do we care about them?

Celebrities and those less famous but fabulously rich put jeweled dog collars around their pets to show the world how much they love their pets.  They even wear matching jewelry with their pets.  How they care for them at home is anybody’s guess.  I am hoping they treat them with a lot of love.  Jeweled dog collars are only to be worn for a short time under supervision.  The dog may bite on the collar and a gem might come off and the dog may choke on it.  The jeweled dog collars are pretty to look at but they are not functional.  For the small dogs a dog harness would be better to attach a leash to.

Our actions should show our pets how much we love them.  They tell us they are happy in many ways.  Jeweled dog collars are not for their joy, because they could care less about it.  However, they do love it when we play with them, hug them, hold them or give them their favorite foods.  Many people are having fresh food catered in for their pooches.  Even though food prices are gone up, nothing is too good for our pets! These jewels are to be placed in their hearts instead.

Designer dog clothes

My daughter gave me a wonderful gift on Mother’s day.  It was an album of her and her husband since they were babies, their engagement, wedding and their little addition to their family.  Well, they do not have children yet, but their little Morkie dog(Kate) is their baby right now.  Earlier they gave me a calendar of 12 pictures of Kate in designer dog dresses.  She really does pose well, and I love the different pictures I get to have in front of me every month.  My daughter always loved unique clothes, and we try to find the best designer dog clothes we can for Kate as she is our baby right now.

There is an interesting game where you can choose different clothes to dress up the dog.  You pick the different parts to the costume and you can dress this poodle with any designer dog clothes you want to.  You can even put on different colored hair, and booties.  Now as summer is here our pets may have designer dog clothes in sundresses

Designer dog clothes