Patriotic boy dog

Boy dogs are patriotic too.  They too can wear the red, white, and blue jeweled dog collarsSupport our troops boy dog shirt and the vest and top hat.  They still have a few other options.  Boy dogs can just wear a red, white and blue bandana, or they can wear the “Support the Troops” Shirt and visor too.  So there are choices the boy dog can make.  If he is really patriotic and supports his human parent’s patriotism he has a lot of choices for what he would like to do to make this a very special 4th of July.  There are choices that go from the simple to the gaudy.  Most important is how we celebrate this great day of Independence.  At a time when we are at war, the sentiments of Independents day takes on a whole new meaning.

It also depends on the cost of the various things available.  Pet owners do not like to skimp on their dogs, but sometimes, a budget may dictate what you can do.  Boy dogs can wear the colors of the flag on his shirt, or he could be fully dressed for a 4th of July parade.  Boy dogs could go with just a dog  collar, or just a boy dog shirt, or he can wear the top hat and vest and be parade worthy.  There is also a visor that he can wear.  So on the whole, both boy and girl dogs have a lot of selections to wear for the Independence day.

Dog beds vs your bed

Does your dog like to sleep on his own dog bed or in your bed? My niece called me yesterday from California and said that when she picked up her dog, she also went and got her a dog bed. However, the dog likes to sleep in her bed, and usually on her pillow. If that is going to be a problem, then you should never allow your dog in your bed in the first place. Once you make a concession, you have lost the battle. There are all kinds of beautiful and useful dog beds available. To have you dog sleep in their bed, you must have them sleep there from the very first day. If they come to your bed, you just have to put them back in their dog beds. Once you let your dog in your bed, you can just about forget about your pillow, because the small dogs like to sleep right near your head.

Recently I wrote about the dogs that were let loose in the National Forest by the Mayor of a town in east Arkansas. Unfortunately, those dogs did not have choice of dog beds they could sleep in. However, after the story broke loose, there have been people who have volunteered to take the dogs in. They were unable to find food for themselves while in the forest and looked a bit thin, but they will be alright. They are now clean and happy in some nice person’s home. Now maybe, they will get to sleep on a pretty dog bed, or at least a soft dog bed, as apposed to having to find a place in the forest. The Mayor is in the dog house now. He could face charges because it is illegal to set animals loose into a National forest.

So the choices we make for our dogs, matter greatly. If we do not spay or neuter our pets, there may be some pets that do not have a home. It is also not right for us to adopt a dog or cat, and then let them run loose in the city. If we want a pet, we must be prepared to provide a good home for them. That includes a good dog bed, dog food and especially water. The temperatures are high now and our dogs will get hot. If you do not keep them cool and provide enough water for them, they will have heat exhaustion just like we do. We must also remember that a dog’s body temperature is already higher than ours. There are cooling mats available for dogs that cannot be in a cool place.

Harness your dog’s energy

I was reading a pet related Q & A and found questions about what caused the cuts on their dog’s necks and what to do about it.  The obvious answer would be that their collars may be hurting them.  If, when they are going for a walk or if tethered to a pole, the dog jumps and leaps, tugging on their collars, it may cause them to be raw and may even bleed.  It is important to make sure that the collar is not too tight and that there are no sharp edges that could cut into the dog’s flesh.  If you have a dog that is energetic and tugs hard at the collar, it may be best to place them in a dog harness.  In another words, harness your dog’s energy.  There are beautiful dog harnessespink flower harnesshot pink jeweled dog harness that can be used for both practical purposes and for beauty.  A practical dog harness would be one made of leather or nylon that is placed comfortably around the dog’s neck and body.  This way the pull will be spread over the body of the dog and thus keep the dog harness from causing any tears in the dog’s skin.

When you want your dog to have a good harness and still have it look pretty, you may want to go with a pretty jeweled dog harness.  They come in baby pink, hot pink and black with clear rhinestones that make them look like diamonds.  So it is possible to have the best of both worlds, practical and beautiful together in one jeweled dog harness.

Some dogs think they are human

My daughter’s dog, Kate, does not know that she is a dog.  She has such personality that I forget she is a dog. She gets really excited when I go to visit her or when she comes here.  We wonder how they can recognize towns and when they are nearing a place they either like or dislike.  She also knows she is a pretty girl and looks even prettier when she wears designer dog clothes.  I love the way she poses for her pictures when she is all dressed up.  One time, her ‘parents’ changed several designer dog dresses, and combed and straightened her hair with an electric hair straightener, and she acted like a very obedient little girl.  I am amazed at how she not only tolerates but seems to enjoy all the attention.  Of course, after a while, she gets tired too, and the pose may not be held quite as long.  But she hangs in there without a complaint when she is changed from one designer dog dress to another.

I am looking forward to her meeting my mother, who lost her own dog not too long ago.  She has developed Alzheimer’s and needs more close supervision than my siblings can give her in California, so I am bringing her to Arkansas to live with me.  I am home all day, since I am disabled, I think it is best she stay with me.  We will be having visiting privileges with Kate, and I am sure she will brighten my mom’s life tremendously.  I bet my mom’s eyes will light up when she sees how Kate likes getting dressed up in designer dog clothes.  My mom’s dog was a boy and she did not even think about dressing him up.  So this will be a new and fun experience for my mom.  Kate allows us to treat her like a little person.

Pampered pooch in bridal clothes

Oh how we love to spoil our pets.  First, we spoil the children we have and then we do more the second time around when we have pets.  Does a boy dog propose marriage to a girl dog?  Or do the pet owners do the proposing for them? However it is done, the pet bridal business is in full swing.  What are the options available for the bride when that day inevitably arrives.  There are a wide variety of available to the discriminating dog bride.  She could choose to just wear a veil, she might wear a white dog bridal dress that is simple, and then again if she is a pampered pooch she may want something more exciting.  Wouldn’t a pretty dog bridal dress be just wonderful.  Look at the pictures you can get of your precious little girl on her wedding day.  Not too many pet owners want to buy a dog bride dresses that costs about $10,000 (no I do Dog bridal gown not carry that), but are some who would not mind, and that is why it is made.  To some pet owners, the dogs are the children they never had.

Pet owners must make some serious decisions about how the wedding would take place and who would be invited, and what will be served  to the guests.  Did we leave the dog groom out of the plans.  I guess he will be happy with just a bandana, or a dog tuxedo may be more appropriate.   Now what if the bride dog wants to have bride dog’s maids.  Well there are luxury dog clothes and designer dog clothes available to suit the bride dog’s tastes.  She just needs to decide on the dress, the color and then get all her maids in for a sizing so that the dresses will fit all of her maids just right. I was reading an article about dogs getting married, and was not sure about having an actual cleric to perform these weddings.

I guess I was just getting carried away with all the talk about weddings and dog bride clothes and dog tuxedos.  I am going to a wedding in 2 weeks and that will be a very colorful affair.  This is a human wedding.  The guests will wear colorful silk outfits and the men will be in suits or Indian suits, and it is going to be so hot.

Boy dogs want to dress like boys!

Girl dogs have their pretty dresses and hair bows, and necklaces that parade as dog collars.  However, boy dogs want to dress like boys.  They want to wear boy dog shirts that make him look like a boy.  There are boy dog t-shirts, preppy boy dog shirts, Hawaiian boy dog shirtsSupport our troops boy dog shirt and even sports based boy dog  t-shirts for the ones who watch basketball, football or baseball with their owners.  Sure dogs watch TV.  They probably watch sports with their owners only to please them, and they will wear sports related clothes for them too.  It is like a sports fan dad, buying baseball clothes for their little boy.  They want their boys to dress like their favorite sport.  A father who loves baseball can’t wait to buy his kid a baseball glove so they can play catch in the backyard.  Who says your boy dog cannot play catch with his owner too.  But he does not need a glove to do that.

I was reading another blog where a pet owner was saying he had 2 boy dogs and was looking for something that they would look good in.  I am sure when he sees these boy dog shirts, he will want to get them all for his favorite boys.  Who wouldn’t fall for a dog in a preppy boy dog shirt? Or wear a cotton boy dog shirt with tropical design on it.  In fact with July 4th coming up, I am sure the ‘support your troops’ boy dog shirts and sun visor would be a great choice.

Dogs do like stylish clothes

They couldn’t care less what brand name they would want, but they want a stylish dog dress that will make them look good.  And when you pets feel good they will show off for you, or just walk around looking so cute . One time my daughter was hosting a jewelry party, and so they dressed her up in a very pretty burgundy dress. And she walking around like a prissy dog and she welcomed each person as they came to the party, and once the party was on, her dad took her to the bedroom, and she could not understand why she could not be in midst of everything. Now there are stylish dog dresses that are very reasonably priced. You don’t have to break your bank to find a pretty party dress for your pet. Wouldn’t be fun to have all your pets dressed up in stylish dog clothes and you will have so much fun with them, I am not talking about a costume with flowers on the head, but pretty stylish dog dresses that anyone can afford. I strive to find the right price for most people. However, there are people who will spend money on their pet dog rather than for something they need at home. We always have different price ranges based on what you want or can afford. There are some inexpensive ones on my site, but I will keep looking for anything that catches my eye. I kind of go for the silky, satiny soft stylish dog dresses, but some may be uncomfortable and so they go for the practical.