Fancy dog beds

Do our pets really care what their beds look like?  Or are they only interested in how it feels?  The comfort part of the bed is for the pet, and the fancy part of the fancy dog bed is really for the pet owner.  Pet owners who feel that their pets are part of the family like to make sure that everything in their homes match their furniture.  The fancy dog beds may also match the fancy dog bowl and their water dispenser.  But as important as the fancy dog bed

Fancy dog beds

Fancy dog beds

part is to the pet owner, it is important that the size, materials used are comfortable for your pet.  Why do we suppose that dogs like to sleep in our beds?  Because they know that your bed is comfortable.  If you take so much trouble to decide how your bed is going to be, should we not also look for both looks and the feel of the fancy dog bed to keep your best friend comfortable.  There are all kinds of fancy dog beds out there.  It is important that the beds are washable, and that the odors are absorbent.

Stylish dog clothes

Many pet owners are dressing up their dogs in stylish dog clothes. Usually it happens with pet owners who have grown children who have moved away and the dog becomes their child. Some pet owners may not have any children and the dogs become their children. Many parents look forward to a girl they can dress up in stylish dog clothes, or a boy in boy dog clothes. I know that my Kate looks just like a little girl when she is all dressed up in her pretty dog dresses.

Microchip does not replace dog tags

In Ventura, CA the dog shelter has a dog who has a rhinestone dog collar, but no identification. The officers checked for microchip, but their readers could not find any information. Did you know that microchips are not universal? In that it depends on where you get the microchip. The readers cannot read microchips with different frequencies. So we need to still have the dog tags, just in case your dog gets lost and the shelter cannot get the information from the microchip, as was in the case of this dog. If they do not find their owners this dog will be put up for adoption.Obviously, someone loves this dog very much to place a rhinestone dog collar. Please continue to attach your dog tags onto their collars for identification.

Blue and yellow jeweled dog collar

Blue and yellow jeweled dog collar

It seems that most of the rhinestone or jeweled dog collars are for female dogs. Not true. There are beautiful white or blue jeweled dog collars available. There are black and white stunning jeweled dog collars that can be used by either boy dogs or girl dogs. Pet owners that have discerning taste will love these jeweled dog collars.

But don’t forget to attach your dog’s information on a dog tag attached to the jeweled dog collars,

Baby Blue Aurora dog collars

Baby Blue Aurora dog collars

so that in the unlikely event that you lose your precious dog, and the microchip cannot be read, the regular dog tag will give the shelter a name or phone number to identify your baby.

Jeweled dog collars

Dog collars come in different materials, sizes, colors and you have a choice of jewels real or artificial.  Jeweled dog collars

Personalized jeweled dog collar

Personalized jeweled dog collar

are great for a special occasion.  Some of the jeweled collars are just 3/8inch wide and it goes upto 2 inches wide. You can get your dog’s initials in rhinestone slide letters on the collar.  This dog collar is a slide collar and is about 1/2 inch, and you get upto 8 letters depending on the size of your dog’s collar.  Of course if you want more letters, you can always buy more if it would fit on the collar.

To decide the size of your dog’s jeweled collar, you must use a cloth measure and measure his/her neck snugly.  When the collar is made, it will allow room for comfort and there will be extra holes to adjust the size.  Make sure you do not go by the length of the present collar.

These jeweled dog collars are made of velvet and the rhinestones are set in silver plated settings.  These jeweled dog collars have many colors and are beautiful.  Your pooch will be the envy of all the dogs in the neighborhood.  Of course, it is best that the collar be removed when they are left alone or before they go to sleep.

Tuxedo dog clothes

Love is in the air, and weddings are taking place. I was looking at a website where they had pictures of weddings.  I was amazed at the different animals that were dressed in bride dog clothes, and tudxedos.  The weddings were really not limited to dogs, there were several meerkat

Tuxedo dog clothes

Tuxedo dog clothes

weddings, and one with a bear as the presiding minister, there was a turtle couple, birds dressed in bridal clothes, and the most impressive was a couple of apes.  The bride was tall and had a beautiful bridal gown on and the male was dressed in a tuxedo and looked like a real person except for their faces.  Then there was a beautiful dog couple that could have given the ape couple a run for their money.  The boy dog looked wonderful in his dog tuxedo clothes, and the blushing bride was elegant in her dog bride clothes.

Do these animals know they are supposed to be married to each other?  Some know that they are the only male and female in their surrounding and so form a close relationship.  The humans around get all teary eyed and excited and throw them lavish wedding parties, but the animals who humor their owners by posing for pictures, really would rather just be themselves in their own surroundings.

How to calm puppies

I found this real cool site on Kim Komando’s newsletters, it shows how this man calms a basketful of puppies.  He sings to them softly.  Maybe it would have helped if he had a comfortable dog bed for them, but take a look at this site:

Video of the Day: What’s cuter than a boxful of puppies? A boxful of sleeping puppies! This man puts them to sleep with a gentle lullaby.

Soft fleece dog beds

How much do we love the dog we bring home. The very first day you see how much this little bundle of joy makes you happy and you want the very best for him or her. One of the first things you get is a dog bed, and it is not just any dog bed, but the cutest and most comfortable dog bed of all available. How about showing your love with a comfortable fleece dog bed, or a cradle dog bed? They come in pink or blue and are so soft that your dog will be happy to sink into the softness and comfort. Boy dogs would probably want a blue fleece dog bed as apposed to a girl with a pink dog bed. Do these cute puppies care what color it is? Not at all. All they care about is the softness and comfort as they go to la la land.

Warning about Xylitol

I received the following email forward from my son-in-law and felt that it was important enough to copy it here so that all dog owners will be careful to protect your pets:

If you have a dog READ IT — then forward to all you
know who do have a dog !

If you don’t have a dog —

forward to all you know who do have a dog
as well as to those who love pets !!

This is true:

“Warning to all dog owners – pass this on to
everyone you can. Last Friday evening, I arrived home from
work, fed Chloe, our 24 Lb. dachshund, just as I normally
do. Ten minutes later I walked into the den just in time t o
see her head inside the pocket of Katie’s friend’s
purse. She had a guilty look on her face so I looked closer
and saw a small package of sugar-free gum. It contained
xylitol. I remembered that I had recently read that
sugar-free gum can be deadly for dogs so I jumped on line
and looked to see if xylitol was the ingredient. I found
the first website below and it was the one. Next, I called
our vet. She said to bring her in immediately.
Unfortunately, it was still rush hour and it took me almost
1/2 hour to get there. Meanwhile, since this was her first
case, our vet found another website to figure out the
treatment. She took Chloe and said they would induce her to
vomit, give her a ch arcoal drink to absorb the toxin (even
though they don’t think it works) then they would start
an iv with dextrose. The xylitol causes dogs to secrete
insulin so their bloo d sugar drops very quickly. The second
thing that happens is liver failure. If that happens, even
with aggressive treatment, it can be difficult to save
them. She told us she would call us. Almost two hours
later, the vet called and said that contents of her stomach
contained 2-3 gum wrappers and that her blood sugar had
dropped from 90 to 59 in 30 minutes. She wanted us to take
Chloe to another hospital that has a critical care unit
operating around the clock. We picked her up and took her
there. They had us call the ASPCA poison control for a
case number and for a donation, their doctors would direct
Chloe’s doctor on treatment. They would continue the
iv, monitor her blood every other hour and then in 2 days
test her liver function. She ended up with a central line
in her jugular vein since the one in her leg collapsed,
just as our regular vet had feared. Chloe spent almost the
entire weekend in the critical care hospital. After her
blood sugar was stabilized, she came home yesterday. They
ran all the tests again before they released her and so
far, no sign of liver damage. Had I not seen her hea d in
the purse, she probably would have died and we wouldn’t
even had known why.

Three vets told me this weekend, that they were
amazed that I even knew about it since they are first
learning about it too. Please tell everyone you know about
xylitol and dogs. It may save another life.”

Sierra Leone plans to arrest 30,000 dogs!

Wedding guest dress(blue)

Wedding guest dress(blue)

“The humane stray dogs and rabies control programme has disclosed plans to arrest and take care of over 30,000 dogs across the country.”  Sierra Leone has a lot of rabid dogs and several people have been infected and so the humane society intends to arrest these dogs and vaccinate them to protect them and the people.  It is a great program, unlike a Mayor sending stray dogs to the National forest to fend for themselves.

If dogs are taken care of and vaccinated, spayed and neutered, hopefully there will be less stray dogs.  Dog owners in the USA are required to follow the rules and keep their pets safe.  Many pet owners love their dogs so much that they treat them like their own children.  Pet owners feed them the best food and dress them up in designer dog clothes to show them off.  Designer dog clothes are available to suit almost every taste.  Some like fancy designer dog clothes made of silk, or others may look for a stretch fabric that will fit their pet as they expand a little.  Some like  dog T-Shirts and others like pretty designer dog dresses, and others prefer just a simple dog tie around the neck.

Beijing disallows guide dog for athlete

Beijing has a rule that citizens cannot have dogs bigger than 35 cm tall.  This creates a problem for the owners of larger dogs.  They actually have to sneak out at night to walk their dogs so that the dog catchers won’t get them.  If the dogs are caught by the catchers, they face imminent death.  This rule is strictly enforced and so most people have small dogs, or they keep the dogs till they grow up and discard them.  This adds to the number of rabid dogs seen running around in the cities.  It is really important for the citizens to keep their dogs on a strong harness and leash so that they will not get loose while the owners are at work.  The small dogs have no problems and I am sure that many of the pet owners have jeweled dog collars and leashes for their pretty little dogs.

There is an athlete who will be carrying the Olympic torch in Beijing, but is not given permission to take her guide dog with her, because of this ancient rule that they enforce.  Surely the officials can be persuaded to get the proper license in time.  Guide dogs are so well behaved, and are always in a dog harness

.  Maybe it is time for them to realize that people are going to keep the type of dogs they like, but even if they do not approve them for pleasure, one would think that they would  allow a Guide dog.  The funny thing is that the Diplomats are exempt from this rule and are seen walking their dogs on leashes, in front of the citizens, who have to go out with their dogs at night.

One can coordinate the jeweled dog collars and leashes like this Black velvet & white diamonds dog collar and leash set.  It is a beautiful collar made of black velvet with white rhinestone diamonds set in sterling silver plated settings.

Black velvet & white diamond dog collar and leash set

Black velvet & white diamond dog collar and leash set