Cooling dog mat beds

When I was speaking to Velvet the Guide dog’s owner, he stated that Velvet got very hot and he was looking for something to cool him down. I mentioned the Cooling dog mat bed

Cooling dog mat bed

Cooling dog mat bedWater-activated crystals to cool or warm

that will keep him cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This cooling dog mat

has a unique pad that has water-activated crystals that turn into a gel when it is soaked in cold water for the summer, and hot water for the winter. All it takes is a one 30-minute soaking and can be reused thousands of times.

Your dog will love you even more if you gave him or her this wonderful cooling dog mat bed. This summer has started out very warm or rather hot, and if your dog spends any time on the cement floor or outdoors, he will be very grateful to you. I just heard that the temperature is going up to the triple digits, so be prepared to protect your best friend.

Velvet the guide dog

I just got back from my weekend in Washington for a wedding. Yesterday, I had to change planes in Memphis. and was scheduled for a 25 minute lay over.  This would mean we had to rush to the next gate.  However, when we got there we found out that the flight was late first, by an hour, it then expanded to 2 hours, almost 3 hours.  So we were scrambling to find food and the food court at the  airport was closing.  Every one of us were a little distressed.  Then a young blind man walked in with his beautiful black Lab named ‘Velvet’.  Pretty soon he came over and sat near my mom.  So I struck up a conversation with Noel, the young man.  He was a very perceptive young man, but he was hungry and there was no food.  I offered him nuts but he declined.  I started talking to him about his dog and how important the dog harness is.

Noel was anxious to talk to me when he heard that I do write articles and blogs about these things.  He wanter us to know that he went to a very good school where he learned a lot.  One of the most important things he wanted us to know was that the Guide dog’s harness is very important.  I noticed that the Guide Dog’s harness has to be all leather.  But the most important part is the handle they use to stop the dog.  He said that he had problems with his wrist and could pull on the handle holding the handle with his palm down, because Velvet was very strong and can pull hard.  So this dog harness maker made one specially for him. This dog harness handle can be held with his palms up, and under the handle, which really helps his keep control of his Guide Dog, named Velvet.

One more thing, Velvet was beautiful, loyal and on the job all the time.  She however, pushed her nose through to feel my mom’s shoe with her tongue.