Boy dog shirts

Many pet owners are looking for something for their boy dogs

Hawaiian print dog shirt

Hawaiian print dog shirt

Hawaiian shirts are pretty, and lets you see that they are male. There are Tropical Groove Camp Shirts that are perfect for the summer. It gives an island look, and is made of 100% machine washable cotton in colorful Hawaiian floral prints. It features a turn-down collar, velcro fasteners, and a stay dry high cut belly. As summer turns to autumn and then to winter, dog t-shirts, dog twin sets, sweatshirts and dog jackets and coats will be needed and are available.

Rhinestone dog collars

When you are planning for a doggie fashion show like those popping up all the time, you will be looking for a unique dog collar to complete your dog’s fashion statement. One dog collar that will really catch people’s eyes is the rhinestone dog collar called the Bow Tie and White Roses dog collar. This is simple but breathtaking.

The Bow Tie and White Roses dog collar is a 5/8 inch white collar with beautiful white roses ribbon. The rhinestones are all Swarovski crystals and are set in sterling silver plated prongs. This collar is elegant and beautiful.

The buckle has Rhinestones on it too.

Designer dog bed

I was reading a magazines where Trisha Yearwood was asked what the best life for her would be, and she answered. “my dog’s life”.  Why, because they live in luxury and eat the best food and sleep in the best places,  and live a great life, where their every whim and fancy is granted. Those who like to pamper their little dogs, will find this pretty slipper shaped designer dog bed

Slipper shaped bed

Slipper shaped bed

as a very comfortable little bed.

The Slumber Pet designer dog bed provides luxurious comfort for your little prince or princess.  Looks like a big bedroom slipper that is great for snuggling, with a reversible cushion that is made of soft plush lined on one side with textured berber on the other.  The canopy surrounds the unique dog bed and adds a royal touch. It measures 27″L x 17″W x 15″H.  It includes a plush rattle-shaped squeaky toy and comes in pink or blue and your choice of  “princess”  or  “prince” embroidered.

Luxury dog clothes

evergreen velvet luxury dog apparel

evergreen velvet luxury dog apparel

I was reading about previous shelter animals who were adopted who came back to walk the catwalk to raise funds for the shelter. How wonderful that they could help other dogs and cats or any other animals to be rescued and hopefully have wonderful families as they do now. About 15 dogs modeled the best of dog fashions or luxury dog clothes for about 100 people who showed up at Asbury Park for this fundraiser. I am sure they had great fashions for the dogs, but there are times that it is difficult to find exactly what you need, in the sizes that you need them. We are able to offer luxury dog apparel that can be customized for your dog. If the sizes we have are not just right, we will make it for you and your charge will be based on the next closest size. All we need is your exact measurements and choice of the luxury dog apparel or designer dog apparel that you need and you will be thrilled to have the dress that fits your baby just right. It does not matter if you are an in between size. Most of the clothes in the luxury dog apparel and designer dog apparel

sections of my website offers this customization.

If a doggie wedding is planned or if your pooch is going to be part of your wedding, you will find exactly what you need, and we can even match your color scheme with our luxury dog apparel. Whether your pooch is going to be a flower dog or ‘best’ dog, we have dresses and dog tuxedos for you. If all you want is a dog collar, you will find some very elegant choices here.

Stylish dog clothes

This stylish dog dress is a beautiful blue with an additional bling to it to give it that sparkle for any time of the day. Your pooch will be in high fashion in this beautiful blue stylish dog clothes.
Blue Bling Priss-cilla is a stylish slip-over dress with the body of comfortable woven cotton with lots of “Bling” sparkles, and the “skirt” portion of a blue satin. This dress also features coordinating ribbing around the neck and arms.

If you are looking for something stylish and yet simple to wear

Blue bling stylish dog dress

Blue bling stylish dog dress

anywhere, whether in the park or to visit grandma, your pooch will always look as if she dressed just for that occasion.

Dog almost cut in half by harness

I was reading this news item about a dog that was dropped off at the animal shelter who was almost cut in half by the dog harness.  The owner was tracked down and they found out that the woman never changed the harness that she placed on him when he was a puppy.  This woman left this dog out in the rain and never cared for him.  If she had held him or bathed him she would have known that the harness was cutting into his flesh.  When we choose to place a dog harness on our pet, we must remember to measure it correctly, and remove it when not in use.  The dog harness must be changed as the dog grows or gains weight.  In the case of the above dog, the harness had cut into the dog and the fur had grown over it.  We must measure the dog’s girth, that is around the body, just behind the front two legs.

We carry fancy dog harnesses and jeweled dog harnesses.  If you like hot pink or black the jewels are beautiful and with a matching leash, your baby will look marvelous.  Please be sure to measure the girth with a cloth measure and measure it snugly, so that we can adjust for comfort.  Always check the skin around the dog harnesses to make sure that the skin is not red or broken.  If there is any irritation, please remove the harness immediately.

China has decided not to serve dog meat during the Olympics

Can you believe that people actually eat dogs?  However, China or rather Beijing has decided not to serve dog meat during the Olympics.  I am so grateful I am a vegetarian.  I am not going to China, but I wonder, when pet dogs go missing in China, if they have an animal shelter or do they just send them to a restaurant near them.  This sounds gross, does it not?  I have had some pets in my life, and I am so in love with my daughter’s cute Morke, that I cannot imagine living in a place that I have to fear that if she was missing, what would happen to her.

I am thankful that instead, my daughter, her husband and all who meet Kate love her.  Her human parents love to dress her up in designer dog clothes,  and get the best of everything for her.  She is so cute when she struts around in her designer dog clothes, or with her fancy dog harnesses or even her jeweled dog harness and leash.  She knows that she is special, and is the center of attraction for all of us.  They will be coming tomorrow, and I am excited to see all three of them.  I wonder which designer dog dress they will bring for her to wear while kate is here.  And I must tell you, she is a real Daddy’s girl.  She also makes sure that everyone is in bed before she gets into bed for the night.  She is really very sensitive, and if we so much as move, she is up and with us.

I don’t know about China, but I sure am glad that we have animal shelters where we know people will watch out for pets, and try to reunite them with their owners, or should I say ‘parents’.

Auto Insurance for pets

I was just reading about 2 auto insurance companies who are covering pets in the cars.  It is important that our pets be protected both at home and when in the car.  It is important to make sure that your pet is safely seated in the car.  A dog harness will be a good way to hold your dog in place.  A vest dog harness will work very well.  If your dog likes to look out while driving, then they must be harnessed in a dog elevated seat, but they will still need to be in a dog harness or a dog vest harness so that your dog will not be thrown out of the car in the event of an accident.  The word ‘accident’ means that it could happen even if you are a great driver.  So be sure to buckle up and place your dog in a dog vest harness in a car seat.

We love our pets so much, but sometimes we take chances with their lives by not fastening them in the seat.  It would be just like not placing your children in a seat belt, or you baby in a car seat.

Designer dog clothes

Many a time you will find dog owners with dogs that just don’t fit the designer dog clothes available in stores or online, and think that they will just have to do with what they find.  Very often we find these odd sized dogs wearing just a bandana or a dog collar because they could not find a pretty dress that would fit their baby.  We have some pretty designer dog clothes that could be customized to the proper size for dogs of any size or fit.  I hate to see any pet owner who wants to dress their dogs not be able to.

Did you hear about the dogs that are helping children in Chicago, read.  At first I could not understand how that could happen, but I found out on World News with Brian Williams, that the children read to the dogs and the dogs of course do not criticize them, so they are not nervous to read to them.  Dogs are always accommodating and will love you no matter what.  This way, the children know that they will have the gentlest teachers they need to help them read.  It is always great when man’s best friend can help out in the schools. The pug dog was wearing a green bandana with the word ‘Read’ on it.

It would be nice if these ‘reading dogs’ could dress up in designer dog clothes for their part in the education of these young children.

Beautiful pink dress

Beautiful pink dress