Pet Control

We all love our pets and do not wish to see them on the street. So why would we not want to take precautions so that their babies are not on the street or abandoned. We need to be responsible pet owners and have our pets spayed or neutered. PETA says that a cat can have up to 4200 kittens in 7 years. That would happen if she was pregnant most of the time. However, there are 4 million dogs and cats that are homeless and have to be taken care of by the humane society. Animal shelters wish that we would adopt the pets that are with them, to give them good homes. The reason there are so many homeless dogs and cats is because pet owners do not practice good pet birth control. And when these pets mate with other breeds and there are mixed babies, many times they are unable to sell or give away these puppies or kittens and sometimes are left to fend for themselves.

When you buy your pet from the pet store or some breeders, you may be buying them from puppy mills. However, as a responsible pet owner, if you adopt from the Animal Shelters and make sure you spay or neuter them, you will reduce the number of unwanted puppies and kittens. Most people want to adopt a cute puppy and not an adult dog. The older the dog, the harder it is to get them adopted. Just as humans want to adopt infants rather than older children. Many of the animals that are not adopted may have to be euthanized, because there is no one to care for them.

Making sure that your pet is well taken care of and loved, means practicing pet birth control. How many of you have seen a puppy or a kitten that did not seem to have a home. Sometimes they adopt you if you feed them, but if not they wander around till the animal shelter picks them up. They are cared for, but need to be adopted. We cannot expect others to take care of the puppies and kittens born because we did not spay or neuter our pets. So be a responsible pet owner and practice pet birth control.

I love my daughter’s dog, Kate’s company, and loves dressing her up in stylish dog clothes and unique dog collars, and have her sleep on designer dog beds.

Pet Control.

Luxury dog apparel

Dogs are treated as not only part of the family, but almost human. I hear dog owners referring to their four-legged friends as their children. As a matter of fact, I am a grandma to a puppy. So we find the need for our ‘children’ to wear luxury dog apparel. What is included in luxury apparel. Boy dog tuxedos top hats for the groom that come in black and white, and red and white. The bride dog has luxurious bridal dog dresses.

Owners who have a boy dog and a girl dog that are in love, create a beautiful wedding for their friends. The ceremony is replete in the bride dog wearing white and the groom dog wearing a tuxedo. There are luxury dog apparel for the dog bridesmaids. They even have after 6 beautiful dog gowns. So when a wedding is announced, there is a lot to do. First you go shopping for a bride’s dress. I remember my daughter’s wedding a couple of years ago, and the excitement, and then all the work.

So the bride dog’s mom has the privilege of shopping for a bride’s dress for her. They can choose the wedding colors and choose the dresses made for dog bridesmaids. Next comes the flowers and the food for the reception. Of course there will be a lot of dog treats for all the dog friends. There are other times dogs may be dressed up for and there are some beautiful boy dog and girl dog clothes available.

Senior Citizens as Pet Sitters

Dogs are great companions for all age groups. There are dog owners who are looking for someone to pet sit for them while they are on vacation. Some people leave their dogs in a kennel, or even in luxurious pet motels that have spa quality treatments. However, some dog owners would prefer their dogs to be cared for at their homes where their pets are in familiar surroundings.

Many young people are employed as dog walkers and dog sitters. But a Senior Citizen, who is looking to subsidize their Social Security income, will find this as a great job. Not only will they get paid to go feed and play with a dog, they will receive the benefits of having the love of a dog, or many dogs. Dogs bring many health benefits for a Senior Citizen.

A Senior Citizen may be alone and in need of company. Having a dog is great because he will love you unconditionally, will not talk back or argue with you. And most of all, he is faithful. If however, owning a dog is not possible, the next best thing is to pet sit for others. This job comes with great benefits. Dogs are taught to pick up things that are out of your reach. There are dogs who can tell when the sugar level of a diabetic is too low, and they alert them to the fact. Guide dogs are a great asset to the blind. You can even train puppies who will become Guide dogs, and that will bring you a feeling of great accomplishment. It may be hard to give your dog away after loving him and training him, but you will feel good to know that he is helping someone else. All in all this is a win-win situation for both the dogs and the Senior Citizens.

About the Author

Evangeline Samuel PhD. is a retired nurse who enjoys her daughter’s dog, Kate’s company, and loves dressing her up in luxury dog apparel, Unique dog collars and have her sleep in designer dog beds.

Senior Citizens as Pet Sitters:

Designer Dog Apparel

Dogs do not need to be dressed up. They come with their own beautiful coat of fur. Some have short fur and some have long fur, or fluffy fur which is the clothing God gave them. However, we have taken the animals and domesticated them to the point that we forget that they are not human. Remember the movie Legally Blonde? The main character had a small dog that she carried around in a designer bag, dressed in designer dog apparel. They both were perfectly matched at all times. Many pet lovers and owners look for the very best for their pooches. Sometimes they take care of their pets better than themselves. I was reading ‘Dear Abby” yesterday, and a lady was complaining that when they run out of food for their cat, instead of going to the store and buying more cat food, her husband would feed the cat the liver pate she was saving for special occasions. There are many pet apparel stores around the world. Pet fashion has become big business. Naturally, everyone is looking for the best designer dog apparel they possibly can.

Many Manufacturers have special designers to perfect the garment to fit the pooch. It depends on your taste as to what you think is pretty. Just like the clothes on the runway can be interesting, many of those outfits don’t really suit everyone. Similarly, dog couture can depend on the taste of the owner. I like pretty and soft fabrics for the designer outfits. Did you know that Paris Hilton has 17 dogs? She certainly can afford to dress each of them in the very best dog clothes. Again, she too likes to have matching outfits for the dogs she carries with her. No, I do not know if she dresses all her dogs all the time. Dog clothes must cover the whole dog, otherwise it looks like they are missing their pants. But putting on pants for dogs can be inconvenient for the pet and the owner. The dresses and shirts are made with the fact that dogs need to go and cannot tell us when.

It is important to size the designer dog clothes with correct measurements. If you put a big dog in clothes designed for small dogs it could look awkward. Actually, if you are going to spend the money, it is best to send your pet’s measurements and have the outfits custom made for your pooch. My daughter’s dog looks beautiful in the pretty dresses she wears. I find that it is important to brush her fur after you remove the clothes so that the fur does not get matted.

Designer Dog Apparel.

How to pick the right dog collar

When we choose a collar for our dogs, there is a choice we make as to what the function of the collar will be. A regular cloth or leather collar is the best with a tag with the important information on it. Here are the options you have in choosing a dog collar:

  • A canvass or leather dog collar with a ring to attach the tag with all the information about your dog on it, in case they get lost
  • A fancy dog collar with some bling on it for every day wear for your special girl dog
  • A leather dog collar with jewels on it for special occasions which can be used for every day too
  • A string of pearls will also do well as a collar for your baby
  • A string of jewels, including diamonds for that special pooch that match your own jewelry
  • Then there are jeweled dog collars that have anywhere from 2-4 rows of jewels mounted on sterling silver plated mounts.
  • The width of the collar depends on the width of the neck of your dog
  • The collar must fit well not being too snug to choke your dog, or too loose that it will slip off over the neck
  • When measuring for a jeweled dog collar the measurement have to be the size of the neck and not of the collar

When deciding when to include a jeweled dog collar, one must be sure to have the dog supervised at all times. Though these jeweled dog collars are beautiful and can complement your jewelry and make the occasion special for both of you, it is important to make sure that your dog does not bite into the collar, thus dislodging a jewel or stone and swallow or choke on it. Another problem may be that the jewels will get hooked onto something and can literally hang your dog. Another consideration would be the possibility of your dog being stolen just for the diamonds or jewels on the dog collar. Do not put your dog in a cage with a jeweled dog collar on as many problems may ensue. If the jewels are valuable, be sure to remove them as soon as you get home and replace with the daily dog collar. Always make sure that you have a way to hang a tag with all your information on the dog collar to keep your dog safe and be able to find your dog if lost.

Paris Hilton’s dogs alive and well pampered!

People magazine online reports that Paris Hilton’s dogs are alive and well contrary to online reports that 2 of her dogs were eaten by a coyote.  Imagine the lengths people will go to report stories that are untrue.  In fact Paris Hilton’s dogs are well pampered.  She even built them a doggy mansion.  Well those are some very spoiled and pampered pooches.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we all could pamper our pooches?  Sure we can.  You will find designer dog apparel that will make any pooch look like a million bucks, but not cost that much.  In fact, these designer dog apparel are quite inexpensive and will not stretch your wallet too much.  Your dog deserves a pretty dress or boy dog shirt or as the weather is getting cooler, they will be needing some warm clothes since their own coats are not prepared for the cold weather.

So if you are looking to pamper your pooches, feel free to check out the designer dog apparel, jeweled dog collars, leashes and harnesses, or a comfortable stylish dog bed, you will find them all here.

Jeweled colored leashes

These colored jeweled dog leashes are beautiful.  There are several colors which you can match with your dog collars, or just your favorite colors.  These jeweled dog leashes will stand out and shine in the light.

Jeweled colored leashes

Jeweled colored leashes

You have a choice of colors, the number of rows of rhinestones, whether it is 1 row, 2 rows or 3 rows of jeweled stones that are set in sterling silver plate.  You have a choice of red, sky blue, navy blue, royal blue or lavender, and a choice of length of the leash from 18″ or 4′ that are 3/8″ or 5/8″ wide.  You can match these leashes to any of your dog collars.