Luxury dog apparel

Dogs are treated as not only part of the family, but almost human. I hear dog owners referring to their four-legged friends as their children. As a matter of fact, I am a grandma to a puppy. So we find the need for our ‘children’ to wear luxury dog apparel. What is included in luxury apparel. Boy dog tuxedos for the groom that come in black and white, with a pretty flower. The bride dog has luxurious bridal dog dress.

Owners who have a boy dog and a girl dog that are in love, create a beautiful wedding for their friends. The ceremony is replete in the bride dog wearing white and the groom dog wearing a tuxedo. There are luxury dog apparel for the dog bridesmaids. They even have after 6 beautiful dog gowns. So when a wedding is announced, there is a lot to do. First you go shopping for a bride’s dress. I remember my daughter’s wedding a couple of years ago, and the excitement, and then all the work.

So the bride dog’s mom has the privilege of shopping for a bride’s dress for her. They can choose the wedding colors and choose the dresses made for dog bridesmaids. Next comes the flowers and the food for the reception. Of course there will be a lot of dog treats for all the dog friends. There are other times dogs may be dressed up for and there are some beautiful boy dog and girl dog clothes available.

Dog bridal gown

Dog bridal gown

Can you picture your beautiful bride dog in this elegant dress created with all the details any blushing bride would yearn for?

US fortune ‘not solely for dogs’

Late New York billionaire Leona Helmsley with her dog Trouble

A judge reduced the $12m Leona Helmsley left to her dog Trouble

The fortune left by late real estate tycoon Leona Helmsley can go to charities other than those solely related to dogs, a US court has ruled.

A New York City judge said that Helmsley’s legal documents allowed her estate’s trustees “sole discretion” in donating the money to charity.

When Helmsley died in 2007 it was widely reported that she wanted her $8bn fortune spent only on canines.

She was dubbed the “Queen of Mean” during a trial in 1989 for tax evasion.

Manhattan probate court judge Troy Webber ruled that Helmsley’s legal documents allowed the trustees to “apply trust funds for such charitable purposes and in such amounts as they may, in their sole discretion, determine”.

The spokesman for the trustees said that they would announce the first grants in March.

“In the hope that this would be the court’s decision, the trustees have been diligently working to identify potential grantees so the trust’s funds would be put to optimal use as soon as possible in such areas as health care, medical research, human services, education and various other areas,” Howard Rubenstein said.

Animal rights groups had reacted gleefully at the reports last year that all of Helmsley’s fortune would go to the care of dogs.

Charities had said the money could be used to rescue dogs from disaster zones and to tackle dog fighting, rabies in China and India as well as the canine over-population problem.

It is not clear now if any dog-welfare organizations will receive any of the funds.

Helmsley also left $12m to her pet dog, Trouble, while explicitly leaving out two of her grandchildren.

A Manhattan judge later reduced the trust fund for the nine-year-old Maltese to $2m and the grandchildren received $6m each.

I think this is wrong.  The Humane Society could use the help, and a judge can take all that away?  At least her own dog still has 2M for his care.  Dogs are indeed our best friends and never hurt our feelings like some humans do.

Dog Crate Beds

Dog crate beds come in different sizes, shapes and make. Based on the size of the crate, you get a slightly smaller bed so it will fit well. Many dogs spend a long time there, so it is best to make them comfortable. Kate, my daughter’s Morkie is a lot of fun. In the mornings when she sees her human parents getting dressed for work, she tries to hide, but gets caught. She sleeps in the crate bed till noon, and then she has 1 hour with her dad and back into the crate she goes, until one parent or the other comes home. I thought she dreaded going in there, so I was given the opportunity to keep her at my place. All week she was free, and would lie very close to me. She moves when I move or else she is asleep on the couch. Saturday morning came and I showered and got ready for church and came down with my bible and handbag. As soon as Kate saw me all dressed up, she quietly went into the powder room where her crate was. I thought it was so cute, watching her back into the crate. I always hated putting her in there, but she is comfortable in there and feels safe, until one of us gets her out. She is ready to go out when we pick her, so we get her leash and go out the door for a little walk for her to do her business.

Lately, she goes into her crate when she knows it is time for her human parents to go to work.  Sometimes when they are ready to go to work, they have to look for her, and they have discovered that she just goes into her crate is sound asleep in her leopard design crate bed.  Sometimes she drags one of their clothing into the crate with her.  She is just so adorable. You dog will love you for thinking of their comfort by getting them a soft dog bed

Pink fleece dog bed

Pink fleece dog bed


About the Author

Evangeline Samuel PhD. is a retired nurse who enjoys her daughter’s dog, Kate’s company, and loves dressing her up in designer dog clothes, Unique dog collars and have her sleep in designer dog beds.

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Dog coats, dog jackets and dog harnesses on sale

If you are looking for cheap all weather dog coats, dog vests,  and stylish dog jackets that you can use through Spring and will still be usable in the winter, don’t wait one more moment longer. This is a very limited offer. See the previous blog for items and price drop.

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Stylish dog coats, dog jackets, dog sweaters on sale

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