Hypoallergenic dogs – Schoodles

What is a Hypoallergenic Giant Schoodle?

A hypoallergenic giant schoodle is a mix between a giant schnauzer and a standard poodle. This means that the dogs are medium size and have short hair, which is why they are considered good for those who suffer from allergies. Since they are a new breed of dog, there aren’t many breeders that currently have them. When looking for this breed, you should look on the internet to find a breeder that is certified to breed these dogs.

Giant schoodles have an even temperament and are easy going. They are friendly to most people and have some of the same traits as the Giant Schnauzer and Standard Poodle. Like its relatives, the Giant Schoodle will have to be groomed often in order to protect it from skin problems and matting. Since the coat is springy and short, there are some cuts that will look better than others. Grooming every other month will keep your dog happy and healthy.

Most Giant Schoodles have a black coat. They enjoy getting exercise and will need to go outside at least twice a day. If you have a backyard or a park nearby, then you should consider buying one of these breeds. The Giant Schoodle is one of the first hypoallergenic dogs that is not a purebred. While its parents are both purebred dogs, the Giant Schoodle is considered a hybrid of the two breeds. This means that you may see other breeds being created soon since the demand for hypoallergenic dogs is on the rise.

When looking for a hypoallergenic dog, you should take the breed into consideration. Some breeds need constant exercise, while others such as the greyhound are content to lie on the couch and run around once a day. You should have an understanding of what it will take to keep your new dog healthy and happy before bringing it home. If you are interested in a hybrid like the Giant Schoodle, you should ask breeders what the dog will need in terms of discipline, affection, exercise, and food.

A Giant Schoodle can live to be at least twelve years old, which is another consideration you will need to think about. As the Schoodle ages, it may have health problems including arthritis, tumors, and cataracts. You will need to be prepared to take care of the animal for its entire life. This is a long term commitment that should not be taken lightly. Unlike other breeds, the Giant Schoodle bonds with its family quickly and is resistant to bonding with other people.

You should also keep in mind that just because a dog is considered hypoallergenic, you may still suffer from allergies. While you may notice a reduction in allergy attacks, they may still occur. Keeping your home clean, making sure the dog is groomed often enough, and by buying an air filtration system, you will be able to breathe and enjoy your pet’s company more often. Having an allergy to dogs is very common and can be from hair, dander, saliva, urine, or dust that the dog tracks in from the outside.

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Oprah dresses her dog in stylish clothes

The other day I saw on TV that Oprah adopted, a dog that is.  What a cutie.  She was brought out in a cute and stylish dog dress and a lovely jeweled dog collar.  I hope she will find my site and check out the stylish dog clothes

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Red Chinese Silk dog vest

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Dogs who comfort pain need pajamas too

Actually this is an email I received from Nancy at “Pawsforcomfort”, who contacted me a while ago about dog pajamas  at my site for her xolo dogs.  I think one of them was allergic to cotton.  For that reason and the fact that I myself have fibromyalgia, I wanted everyone to know what these wonderful dogs do go people with fibromyalgia and other pain issues. So I am quoting her whole email here for you. The dogs are absolutely wonderful.  Almost before you realize your pain, the dog goes to the right spot and covers it with his body.

“Feb 16 2009
Dear Paws For Comfort ® & X-CPR™ friends & supporters,

MARCH 09 (current) issue is on the stands NOW
(before copies are sold out or replaced with April issue)
It’s an article about Toaster & Pink/Paws For Comfort®
& X-CPR™ (Xolos For Chronic Pain Relief™ )☺

Pg 96-98

ELLEN DEGENERES graces the cover of this issue! She is an animal lover and
wants to help people! How divinely guided is that?!


I would be so grateful for efforts in helping Paws & X-CPR.
You *can* help:
nal, March 2009
Now, before they run out or are replaced with April issue

** Please pass it on & pass the word, leave a copy at your healthclub!
Forward this email to your complete address book… and their brother!

** Write a letter to the editor of the magazine to let them know you loved
the story. (e.g. reading about this option for pain relief is so valuable,
how the story is so inspiring, etc)
EMAIL: Lhj.dearsally@meredith.com.
Address: Sally Lee, Senior Vice President/Editor in Chief 375 Lexington Ave|
New York, NY 10017

** DONATE to X-CPRâ„¢ & get a tax deduction while helping someone else! We now
have a donate button linked to paypal on the website! I know, you are just
thrilled:-) And why wouldn’t you be, I will send you a formal donation tax
letter & number!

You can also donate by check or money order by mail: Please make the check
out to X–CPRâ„¢ and not to Paws For Comfort ® if you are donating to the

Xolos For Chronic Pain Reliefâ„¢ X-CPRâ„¢
PO BOX 601784 San Diego Ca 92160

There is a HUGE need for X-CPRâ„¢ ! I get such heartbreaking emails from
people hoping I can help them and feeling encouraged once again about
getting better.

———- Over 597 emails and counting asking me for help.
I can only help them if I obtain funding and sponsors.

** IRS DEADLINE! By December 2009 we will lose the 501c3 status unless we
show outside donations as a source of income.

Please read Paws & X-CPRâ„¢ media list below & attached)

Just Fine: Unmasking Concealed Chronic Illness by Carol Sveilich

Shafer, pg 57
Chapter is on the 3 legged wonder Pink.

AKC FAMILY DOG MAGAZINE April 2008 http://www.akc.org/pubs/familydog//

http://www.abcnews.go.com/print?id=4629545 April 11, 2008

http://www.theacpa.org/members/chronicle.asp click on Winter/Spring 2008

click on: Fall 2008 Vol.8, Issue 3 (PDF)

National Fibromyalgia Association FM AWARE magazine Sept 2002
Original story that broke the Animal Planet news and helped to place
Toaster’s puppies


My own article on the web “The Healing Power of Puppies” by Nancy Gordon,
LCSW Sept 2005

ANIMAL PLANET, EPISODE “TOASTER” 2002; films our story and Toaster’s
whelping where Pink is born!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am so blessed by your support. ”

Nancy, Toaster and Pink

I have the magazine and enjoyed the article.  Please take the opportunity to help this charity.

Boy dog shirts

The other night I was watching America’s Funniest Videos and really had a good laugh.  I try to get in a few minutes of laughter everyday, and this was especially more fun because it was about 2 dogs actually and they both were   Chihuahuas.  The first one would raise his ears when his ‘daddy’ looked away, but as soon as he looked at him, the dog’s ears would go down.  This was pretty funny, and it went on for a while.  In that segment he won the $10,000 first prize.  But later here comes a cutie in a blue boy dog shirt that just would not pee all night.  The Parents were concerned and when they took him out, it was a really comical situation.  First of all he walked on his front legs, with the back ones raised up.  Then he walked on his front paws and walked past a pavement and then started peeing in a zig zag fashion, walking all the way to the end and then some.  It should be noted that he did not wet his blue boy dog shirt.  He was the winner on that segment.  Then they had all the previous winners come back for the $100,000 first place prize, and both the Chihuahuas were on the show.  And much to my delight the ‘zig zag peeing dog’ won the big $100,000 prize.  I wish I could find the video of it.  It was quite hilarious.  Of course he was dressed in a black boy dog shirt for this time.  In fact his human parents wore black too.  And what were they going to use the prize money for?  The dog will get to go on a cruise with them.

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Boy dog golf shirt

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