Healthy designer dog

“Discover how you can insure that your dog is the healthiest dog alive!

Healthy dog book

Healthy dog book

” We all want to keep our precious designer dog, healthy. When you buy a dog, we have to realize that this is a living pet and requires knowledge on how to keep them healthy. This book “How to Have a Healthy Dog” answers the many questions you dog may have but cannot ask. Now, I don’t think this book can talk for your dog, but will help you understand what your pet is going through and get treatment when necessary.

  • Do dogs cough?
  • Does your dog have allergies? How would you know?
  • How to give your dog CPR?
  • What are the 45 nutrients your dog needs to stay healthy
  • Is your dog breed prone to hip displasia?

Learn what your dog needs to survive longer in “How to Have a Healthy Dog.”