Easter jeweled dog collars

Easter is right around the corner, and your dogs will be well accessorized with these beautiful Easter jeweled dog collar that will match their Easter outfits.    These beautiful Easter dog collars come in pink, blue and purple and matching colored bunny tags.  There are so many pretty dog collars and leashes.  Your dog will feel so loved to have a pretty collar that looks more like a necklace.  When dogs are dressed up they walk differently, almost with pride that their owner loves them.  And your reward will be unconditional love.

Many single people decide to have a dog for companionship, but they find the dog just becomes so important to them.  They are more outgoing, get to take walks with them and with all the dog parks available in many cities, they will people with like interests and develop friendships too.

So go for it.  Get them pretty collars, or jeweled harnesses or jeweled dog leashes.  All of these are for the special days in your lives.

Puppy dog collars: shamrock

Is green your color?  Do you love 3-leaf clovers?  I had a visitor to my site suggest that we make a dog harness with four leaf clover.  Yes that can be done with the four leaf clover ribbon, but the collars I want you to see are amazing.  These beautiful green and white rhinestone dog collars, have shamrocks on them.  I have three of these collars, and only one says ‘St. Patrick’s day” on it.  So these beautiful green rhinestone dog collars are good for any time of the year.  Your puppy will love these dog collars and will look so  pretty.  In fact other dogs will be ‘green with envy’ when your puppy wears these beautiful rhinestone shamrock dog collars.  So order early so you can get them in time for St. Patrick’s day or any day, just because

 rhinestone dog collar

rhinestone dog collar

St Patrick's day dog collar

St Patrick’s day dog collar

Shamrock sparkle rhinestone dog collars

Shamrock sparkle rhinestone dog collars

Rhinestone valentine’s dog collars

Shopping for Valentine’s day has begun.  Especially, if you are an internet purchaser, you want to give time for the item to be shipped on time or rather in time.  I have added a few rhinestone dog collars that will work really well for Valentine’s day, for anytime at all, when you want your dog to feel loved by you.  Have you noticed that when you place something pretty on our dog, he or she struts differently, holds their head higher up or straight, etc, just like after a haircut, we take every opportunity to look at the mirror.  Our pets like to look pretty, and know that pretty dog clothes and dog collars etc, make them feel good.  The other benefit is that you will feel good (you could even wear matching neckwear) that both you and your dog will look good and you will get great pictures.  The rhinestone dog collars and leashes come in real handy for weddings when you want your dog to be a part of the wedding party, and yet have fun.  We have red, pink or blue rhinestone dog collars

Red rhinestone dog collar with white hearts

Red and white heart rhinestone dog collar

Hot Pink rhinestone dog collar with heart charm

Hot pink valentine dog collar

Aqua Blue sweet stuff rhinestone dog collar

Blue sweet stuff dog collar

that have hearts on them or added as a tag.  You will have several choices of collars.  If you do not find what you want, please check back in a few days, as I am adding them as an ongoing process.

Jewled dog collar

How to choose the right collar for your dog

When we choose a collar for our dogs, there is a choice we make as to what the function of the collar will be. A regular cloth or leather collar is the best with a tag with the important information on it. Here are the options you have in choosing a dog collar:

    • A canvas or leather dog collar with a ring to attach the tag with all the information about your dog on it, in case they get lost
    • A fancy dog collar with some bling on it for every day wear for your special girl dog
    • A leather dog collar with jewels on it for special occasions which can be used for every day too
    • A string of pearls will also do well as a collar for your baby
    • A string of jewels, including diamonds for that special pooch that match your own jewelry
    • Then there are jeweled dog collars that have anywhere from 2-4 rows of jewels mounted on sterling silver plated mounts.
    • The width of the collar depends on the width of the neck of your dog
    • The collar must fit well not being too snug to choke your dog, or too loose that it will slip off over the neck
    • When measuring for a jeweled collar the measurement have to be the size of the neck and not of the collar

When deciding when to include a jeweled dog collar, one must be sure to have the dog supervised at all times. Though these jeweled dog collars are beautiful and can complement your jewelry and make the occasion special for both of you, it is important to make sure that your dog does not bite into the collar, thus dislodging a jewel or stone and swallow or choke on it. Another problem may be that the jewels will get hooked onto something and can literally hang your dog. Another consideration would be the possibility of your dog being stolen just for the diamonds or jewels on the dog collar. Do not put your dog in a cage with a jeweled dog collar on as many problems may ensue. If the jewels are valuable, be sure to remove them as soon as you get home and replace with the daily dog collar.

Dogs dressed to win in designer dog clothes

In Little Rock Arkansas, Saturday’s Delta Trust Dog Dayz had a “Mutt Strut and Dog Show.’  Many dog owners dressed up their dogs so they could be proud to strut in designer dog clothes.  However, some dogs had very ill-fitting clothes, and the poor dog looked miserable.  On the other hand there were several beatifully dressed dogs.  There was a little girl whose dress matched her dog’s and they are so cute.  The Chinese hairless crested dog was dressed in a stylish dog dress and pearls for a dog collar.  You can tell that she is loved.  Many dog owners treat their pets better than they do themselves.  Since the pets cannot tell us what they want, and they give us unconditional love, it behooves us to treat them with love and make them happy.  These dogs really seemed to strut their stuff when they had on pretty dog clothes, and fancy dog collars.  However, the ones with ill-fitting clothes looked miserable.

bridal dog collars

This is the season for weddings, and what better way to include your whole family, than to include you four-legged best friend in the ceremony. The newspaper had a title “Weddings exalt fidelity, so why not Fido?”  According to the article, 42% of insurance company’s clients plan on including their dog in their wedding.

In fact I just got an order for a beautiful “bowtie and roses” rhinestone collar so that the bride’s dog can be a beautiful part of the wedding party.  Dogs can play many roles in one’s wedding.  You can dress the boy dog in a beautiful dog tuxedo or a tuxedo dog collar, and the girl dogs can wear a bridal dog gown, or they can have pretty evening dog gowns, or be the flower dog for the wedding.  The wedding scene is not complete unless all of your friends are there to enjoy it.

On Sunday I watched “Beverly Hills Chiahauva”.  The main characters wore such beautiful clothes, booties and even a diamond collar.  It is not advisable to use a real diamond dog collar, unless you are going to be with your dog constantly and protect your dog’s jewelry.  Otherwise it becomes a temptation for thieves to either steal the dog collar jewelry, or kidnap the dog for a ransom. Rhinestone dog collars look just like the real thing.

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Black patent leather dog collar and rhinestone bow

Bow Tie and Roses dog collar

Bow Tie and Roses dog collar


Jeweled Dog Collars

Today I want to talk about jeweled dog collars. When you choose a fancy dog collar, with rhinestones, and jewels, please be very careful. These are meant to be used with stylish clothes only for special occasions or when you want to show off your beautiful puppy. Please be sure to watch your puppy so he or she does not chew on these jeweled collars. The stones may come off and choke your baby. However, it is a lot of fun to dress up your small, large or extra large dogs with beautiful clothes, fancy collars and hair accessories to match. Off course you would like to take great pictures when your pooch is all dolled up. My daughter has a beautiful Morkie (Maltese and Yorkie mix). She loves to be dressed up and can really pose well so we can take pictures of her. If you would like to see how pretty she is you may visit my website at www.puppydazzles.com where she is on the logo and models some of the dresses and sweaters.