Rhinestone dog harnesses

Dog harnesses are better to use for your dogs that most collars.  The dog harness gives you more even control over your dog, and if your dog tends to pull on the leash, harnesses will protect your dog’s neck.  This is very important, especially for small dogs whose trachea can be hurt by pulling on the leash attached to a collar.  Dog harnesses come in different shapes, sizes and styles.  One must be sure to measure your dog well so the harness is neither too big or too small.

Some time ago  a dog was found who was left outdoors all the time, in rain or shine.  When the dog shelter went to investigate, the dog had a harness that was way too small, evidently, the owners put that harness on their little dog and never changed it, or really took care of the dog.  The dog was found almost cut in half by this harness   I say this to let you know how important it is to update and care for the harnesses and the dog.  If these dog owners had even given their pet a bath, they would have noticed the problem.  Most pet owners such as you would never neglect your precious dog like that.

Dog harnesses are made of cloth, leather, and other materials.  The most beautiful ones are the rhinestone dog harnesses.  There are rhinestone dog harnesses that come in different colors and sizes.  There are light pink and hot pink rhinestone harnesses on pink ribbons, or there are black rhinestone harnesses on which you can choose to have clear, pink or red rhinestone on them.  So the black with the clear stones will look good on your boy dog and any pink will be great on your girl dog.  Of course you could use any color that you like.  All rhinestone harnesses are custom made

Pink rhinestone dog harness

Pink rhinestone dog harness

for your precious babies, and custom matching  leashes with 2 or 3 rows of matching stones if you contact me.  These harnesses are a little heavy because of the stones, so exact measurements are needed so that it would not slip to the sides.

Black Rhinestone harness with clear, pink, or red stones

2012 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

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Thanksgiving safety tips for your dog

“Thanksgiving Day Pet Safety Tips:

1. Give treats, not scraps. Instead of offering dangerous table scraps or leftovers, give your dog an extra doggy treat instead. His favorite type of dog treat, a couple of carrots, frozen peanut butter in a treat toy, even an extra serving of his own kibble are all safe treats that will still give your dog a taste of holiday cheer.

2. No bones about it. Resist that urge to throw your dog a bone. According to Dr. Jules Benson, VP of Veterinary Services at Petplan Pet Insurance, turkey bones are soft and, like all fowl bones, are hollow, so they can splinter easily, causing damage and/or obstruction to your pet’s digestive tract.

3. Secure garbage. Every vet we spoke to said most often the dogs that come to the emergency room got there from getting into the garbage, where they ingest not only too much turkey, but also harmful things like bones, chocolate, plastic wrappers, etc. Keep the tempting garbage out of reach of your dog. The safest place is outside or in a room the dog is blocked from.

4. Holiday plants, a deadly beauty. Most of the indoor plants we like to decorate with during the holidays—poinsettias, mistletoe, holly, autumn crocus, Thanksgiving cactus—are toxic to pets. Keep these out of reach of your pet, or, better yet, buy fakes.

5. Get help. If your pet does ingest something, call your vet or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435 (charges apply). Know which emergency vet clinics will be open during the holiday weekend and have their telephone number and address handy.

Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving! ”

From dog channel.com

Rhinestone Dog collars


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ereaders: will they replace paper books

Although erearders (ebook readers) have gained popularity with gadget users, paper books will always be here. However, ereaders are small and are very portable and has far reaching access

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Mesh dog harnesses that are comfortable, practical and pretty.

Unique mesh dog harnesses

There are all kinds of dog harnesses available.  Some may be comfortable, some just for looks, and some are both practical and comfortable.  There are rhinestone dog harnesses, ribbon dog harnesses, fancy dog harnesses and soft mesh dog harnesses.  Small dogs are especially prone to problems with using just a dog collar.  This mesh dog harness looks pretty and is comfortable and safe for your baby.

These Casual Canine Mesh Dog Harnesses are lightweight, comfortable and breathable. Fully adjustable mesh dog harnesses have quick-release plastic buckles for easy on/off and nickel plated D-rings for leash attachment.Available in pink or blue./ red.

Mesh dog harnesses

Mesh dog harnesses

To complete the look and to match with the mesh dog harnesses are the mesh dog leads.

Matching mesh dog leads

Matching mesh dog leads

Your four-legged best friend will be stylish and comfortable in these harnesses and the leads to match them.