Boy dogs want to dress like boys!

Girl dogs have their pretty dresses and hair bows, and necklaces that parade as dog collars.  However, boy dogs want to dress like boys.  They want to wear boy dog shirts that make him look like a boy.  There are boy dog t-shirts, preppy boy dog shirts, Hawaiian boy dog shirtsSupport our troops boy dog shirt and even sports based boy dog  t-shirts for the ones who watch basketball, football or baseball with their owners.  Sure dogs watch TV.  They probably watch sports with their owners only to please them, and they will wear sports related clothes for them too.  It is like a sports fan dad, buying baseball clothes for their little boy.  They want their boys to dress like their favorite sport.  A father who loves baseball can’t wait to buy his kid a baseball glove so they can play catch in the backyard.  Who says your boy dog cannot play catch with his owner too.  But he does not need a glove to do that.

I was reading another blog where a pet owner was saying he had 2 boy dogs and was looking for something that they would look good in.  I am sure when he sees these boy dog shirts, he will want to get them all for his favorite boys.  Who wouldn’t fall for a dog in a preppy boy dog shirt? Or wear a cotton boy dog shirt with tropical design on it.  In fact with July 4th coming up, I am sure the ‘support your troops’ boy dog shirts and sun visor would be a great choice.

Boy dog shirts

While everyone is coming out with their cotton Bermuda shorts and t-shirts, our boy dogs need something fun to wear too. Cotton is great for the summer. T-shirts are easy to manage and easy to wear. It keeps you cooler. It really depends on the amount of hair your dog has as to whether boy dog shirts are needed. Many people help their dogs take their coats off by shaving off their fur for the summer. At first it looks as if the dog is embarrassed and feels naked. It would really help him and those around him if the pet owners will put them in some dog short and boy dog shirts or boy dog t-shirts. When he gets used to being bald, he will do better.

Actually, my mom used to have her Scottish Terrier shaved for the summer, and I told her that he looked naked and I felt sorry for him, so last year she waited till after I went to visit. It is too bad that he is no longer here. My mom has lost her constant companion, and her independence too. I will bring her here to stay and do all I can to help her gain her present memory that she has lost. The loss of a pet has such wide repercussions that unless you are a pet owner it would be hard to fathom. I had seem my mom and Lucky together. He acted like a little boy. In fact, I called him a little boy. He would walk around the cocktail table on two feet. My memories are pleasant. He always recognized me even though I went there once a year.

Coming back to our boy dogs. There are cute 4th of July bow ties that he can wear if he feels too hot. There is even beachwear available for both boy and girl dogs, but I do not carry it. A couple of years ago I did not think we should dress our dogs, and my little ‘grandbaby’ Kate and her mom (my daughter) have changed my mind to the extent that I want the very best for all my customers. Boy dog shirts are available in different colors and designs.