How to calm puppies

I found this real cool site on Kim Komando’s newsletters, it shows how this man calms a basketful of puppies.  He sings to them softly.  Maybe it would have helped if he had a comfortable dog bed for them, but take a look at this site:

Video of the Day: What’s cuter than a boxful of puppies? A boxful of sleeping puppies! This man puts them to sleep with a gentle lullaby.

Soft fleece dog beds

How much do we love the dog we bring home. The very first day you see how much this little bundle of joy makes you happy and you want the very best for him or her. One of the first things you get is a dog bed, and it is not just any dog bed, but the cutest and most comfortable dog bed of all available. How about showing your love with a comfortable fleece dog bed, or a cradle dog bed? They come in pink or blue and are so soft that your dog will be happy to sink into the softness and comfort. Boy dogs would probably want a blue fleece dog bed as apposed to a girl with a pink dog bed. Do these cute puppies care what color it is? Not at all. All they care about is the softness and comfort as they go to la la land.