Stylish dog clothes

In the Sunday paper here is Arkansas there was a picture of a Schnauzer and its owner dressed alike. They wore a white robe, curlers in their hair, and bunny rabbit bedroom slippers. It was interesting to see their picture. Just as this pet owner dressed her dog to match her own outfit, many other dog owners would love to dress their dogs in stylish dog clothes to match their own stylish clothes. My Kate is so cute and when she is dressed in stylish dog clothes, she really looks like a little girl. She is just like a baby. She wants to sit really close to me when she can. She is spending a week or so with me and I love the company. I also love to buy her stylish dog clothesRed hot dress and take pictures of her.

Stylish dog clothes do not have to be expensive and therefore is available to all dog owners who want to dress their dogs should be able to afford to dress them well. There are stylish dog clothes that are within $15 and can really look good on them. They can be worn to parties and other places.

Easter Dog Dresses

Tomorrow is Good Friday and Sunday is Easter, however, two Little Rock parks are hosting easter egg hunts on Saturday. The folks at the Angel’s Care Animal Rescue, which is a volunteer organization will be hosting their third ever, ‘Dog-Gone Easter Egg Hunt.” Dogs and their owners are invited to come and sniff and find the 2000 treat-filled Easter eggs. Owners are encouraged to dress their dogs in their Easter finest to strut and wiggle their tails in the Easter Bonnet Parade. I know there will be many owners there with designer dog clothes, and stylish dog clothes. Which designer dog apparel will win the big prize? I bet it will be the one in the most stylish dog clothes possible. I wish I could see all these cute dogs and their owners with their choice of designer dog apparel. No matter what they choose, I know each one will be the best dressed pooch to their owners. There is no love like puppy love.

Doggie birthday party

Last August Kate turned 2, and she was with me for her birthday. I thought it would be fun to have a little party for her. I decided to invite one little girl who was fond of Kate. It just so happened that it was prayer meeting night, and when I invited one person the others heard and so I ended up having every one over for cake. I made two party hats, one for Kate and one for her little friend. Her mom and dad had bought a very pretty designer dog apparel for her, but it stayed with them, so she did not get to wear her birthday designer dog clothes that day. However, it was fun all around. We even sang happy birthday by bow wowing the music to her. She was all excited because she loves company, and did not know who she liked best, so she was greeting everyone. At the end of the evening she was one pooped out pup. When she is ready for bed, she chooses a soft luxury dog bed covered in silk and starts fluffing it up and scratching on it to make her fancy dog bed ready for her to sleep in.