Stylish dog clothes

This stylish dog dress is a beautiful blue with an additional bling to it to give it that sparkle for any time of the day. Your pooch will be in high fashion in this beautiful blue stylish dog clothes.
Blue Bling Priss-cilla is a stylish slip-over dress with the body of comfortable woven cotton with lots of “Bling” sparkles, and the “skirt” portion of a blue satin. This dress also features coordinating ribbing around the neck and arms.

If you are looking for something stylish and yet simple to wear

Blue bling stylish dog dress

Blue bling stylish dog dress

anywhere, whether in the park or to visit grandma, your pooch will always look as if she dressed just for that occasion.

Sierra Leone plans to arrest 30,000 dogs!

Wedding guest dress(blue)

Wedding guest dress(blue)

“The humane stray dogs and rabies control programme has disclosed plans to arrest and take care of over 30,000 dogs across the country.”  Sierra Leone has a lot of rabid dogs and several people have been infected and so the humane society intends to arrest these dogs and vaccinate them to protect them and the people.  It is a great program, unlike a Mayor sending stray dogs to the National forest to fend for themselves.

If dogs are taken care of and vaccinated, spayed and neutered, hopefully there will be less stray dogs.  Dog owners in the USA are required to follow the rules and keep their pets safe.  Many pet owners love their dogs so much that they treat them like their own children.  Pet owners feed them the best food and dress them up in designer dog clothes to show them off.  Designer dog clothes are available to suit almost every taste.  Some like fancy designer dog clothes made of silk, or others may look for a stretch fabric that will fit their pet as they expand a little.  Some like  dog T-Shirts and others like pretty designer dog dresses, and others prefer just a simple dog tie around the neck.

America, a paradise for dogs

I was reading a post and saw this quote by an Indian pundit: ‘If you are good in this life, maybe you will come back as a dog in America.” The reason for this saying is that a dog is treated so well in this country that it would be great to come back as a dog. A dog’s life in America is like living in paradise. Many dog owners dress their dogs in stylish dog clothes and feed them only the best food, sometimes even better than themselves. Our dogs here go to fashion shows where they wear the very best and stylish dog clothes. There are dresses made of silk, cotton and designed to suit the occasion. Some of the stylish dog clothes look like little girl clothes, and they actually look like little girls.

Stylish dog clothes

Stylish dog clothes

My mother has come to live with me and my daughter and her husband came down to visit with her and brought their little Kate. They dressed her in a blue stylish dog dress and put her hair up with a blue bow and she just ran around showing off her dress. When they dress her, she just rolls over and lets them put on the dress. She seems pretty comfortable in these outfits.

Dogs do like stylish clothes

They couldn’t care less what brand name they would want, but they want a stylish dog dress that will make them look good.  And when you pets feel good they will show off for you, or just walk around looking so cute . One time my daughter was hosting a jewelry party, and so they dressed her up in a very pretty burgundy dress. And she walking around like a prissy dog and she welcomed each person as they came to the party, and once the party was on, her dad took her to the bedroom, and she could not understand why she could not be in midst of everything. Now there are stylish dog dresses that are very reasonably priced. You don’t have to break your bank to find a pretty party dress for your pet. Wouldn’t be fun to have all your pets dressed up in stylish dog clothes and you will have so much fun with them, I am not talking about a costume with flowers on the head, but pretty stylish dog dresses that anyone can afford. I strive to find the right price for most people. However, there are people who will spend money on their pet dog rather than for something they need at home. We always have different price ranges based on what you want or can afford. There are some inexpensive ones on my site, but I will keep looking for anything that catches my eye. I kind of go for the silky, satiny soft stylish dog dresses, but some may be uncomfortable and so they go for the practical.

Stylish dog clothes

In the Sunday paper here is Arkansas there was a picture of a Schnauzer and its owner dressed alike. They wore a white robe, curlers in their hair, and bunny rabbit bedroom slippers. It was interesting to see their picture. Just as this pet owner dressed her dog to match her own outfit, many other dog owners would love to dress their dogs in stylish dog clothes to match their own stylish clothes. My Kate is so cute and when she is dressed in stylish dog clothes, she really looks like a little girl. She is just like a baby. She wants to sit really close to me when she can. She is spending a week or so with me and I love the company. I also love to buy her stylish dog clothesRed hot dress and take pictures of her.

Stylish dog clothes do not have to be expensive and therefore is available to all dog owners who want to dress their dogs should be able to afford to dress them well. There are stylish dog clothes that are within $15 and can really look good on them. They can be worn to parties and other places.

Luxury dog apparel

wdnewbig_06.jpgWhat is luxury dog apparel. Well we have casual, stylish, designer and luxury dog clothes. The luxury dog clothes are like bridal dog dresses, boy dog tuxedos tuxedo-red-vlour.jpgand evening wear dresses. The luxury dog clothes is best for a dog wedding. There is a selection of bridal dresses, but there is one with so much details on it, any dog bride will be beautiful in the bridal gown. The male dog will look real handsome in the dog tuxedos and top hat. Don’t forget the top hat, that is what completes the outfit. wd_n_01.jpgThen we have the dog bridesmaids dresses. This is definitely what one would call luxury dog apparel. I guess the very fact that dog lovers go through with a beautiful wedding ceremony for their dogs means that they really know their value. Dogs are wonderful in many ways. They are definitely warm and cuddly, some may not be that cuddly, like the tallest Great Dane at 7 feet, that I saw on Anderson Cooper show. He towers over his owner, but I am sure there is a lot of love both ways.

Spring is in the air, and it is time for love. Great time for dog weddings too.

Easter Dog Dresses

Tomorrow is Good Friday and Sunday is Easter, however, two Little Rock parks are hosting easter egg hunts on Saturday. The folks at the Angel’s Care Animal Rescue, which is a volunteer organization will be hosting their third ever, ‘Dog-Gone Easter Egg Hunt.” Dogs and their owners are invited to come and sniff and find the 2000 treat-filled Easter eggs. Owners are encouraged to dress their dogs in their Easter finest to strut and wiggle their tails in the Easter Bonnet Parade. I know there will be many owners there with designer dog clothes, and stylish dog clothes. Which designer dog apparel will win the big prize? I bet it will be the one in the most stylish dog clothes possible. I wish I could see all these cute dogs and their owners with their choice of designer dog apparel. No matter what they choose, I know each one will be the best dressed pooch to their owners. There is no love like puppy love.

Doggie birthday party

Last August Kate turned 2, and she was with me for her birthday. I thought it would be fun to have a little party for her. I decided to invite one little girl who was fond of Kate. It just so happened that it was prayer meeting night, and when I invited one person the others heard and so I ended up having every one over for cake. I made two party hats, one for Kate and one for her little friend. Her mom and dad had bought a very pretty designer dog apparel for her, but it stayed with them, so she did not get to wear her birthday designer dog clothes that day. However, it was fun all around. We even sang happy birthday by bow wowing the music to her. She was all excited because she loves company, and did not know who she liked best, so she was greeting everyone. At the end of the evening she was one pooped out pup. When she is ready for bed, she chooses a soft luxury dog bed covered in silk and starts fluffing it up and scratching on it to make her fancy dog bed ready for her to sleep in.

Dog not an accessory

My daughter decided to write today’s blog, because, after all Kate is her baby.

My dog is not an accessory!


I do, however, love to accessorize her! Sometimes small dogs get a bad reputation because people think they are merely accessories. This is a stereotype and not my reality. I do love dressing Kate up in designer dog clothes, dog sweaters, fancy dog harnesses and matching leads, as well as put her hair up in cute dog bows and designer dog accessories, rhinestone tiaras or clips. That still does not make her my accessory; it just makes her well dressed. Since I do not live in a dog friendly city like L.A. or New York City, Kate does not get carried around from store to store. She mostly just gets to parade around family gatherings or pose for the camera. And let me tell you, once I slip her into one of her designer clothes, she definitely puts on a show. I just know she feels extra cute when she is dressed up in her luxury dog clothes! I don’t have kids yet, so until then, Kate will satisfy my urge to buy designer dog clothes and matching dog hair barrettes. My co-workers laugh at the idea of me dressing my dog in designer dog clothes. Yet, when I bring pictures of my little dressed up princess to work, they ooh and aah over how cute she looks. Just one look at that precious face and you just can’t help but smile. So dog tee shirts and dog hair bows do not make her an accessory, but I would certainly carry her everywhere with me if I could, just because I love her so much!

Nina Carter

Stylish Dog Clothes

Dog owners love to dress their cute puppies in stylish dog clothes, but they think it may too expensive. You will be surprised to know how reasonably priced these clothes and accessories. The dog clothes must fit well, and so measuring your dog correctly is very important. Unlike humans, our pets cannot tell us if their clothes are too tight, so leave a little room for them to breathe. Always use the size chart of the specific website you are ordering your dog clothes, because sizing can change from different manufacturers. When you order these stylish dog clothes, size small may really be xsmall. Also. when you wash an item, make sure it did not shrink. Look for adjustable closures.

There are lots of occasions when you want to dress up your puppy in stylish dog clothes. You can create a puppy calendar and dress them up in these beautiful small dog clothes. Make sure to brush your dogs hair after you remove the clothing so that their hair won’t get tangled and matted. Once their hair gets matted it is very difficult to brush out.

Dog clothes are quite luxurious, but all dog owners should be able to buy a special outfit for their baby. You will find that designers take great interest in making very stylish dog clothes, with the finest fabrics and notions.