Dog harness dress

Sugar and spice and all things nice, that’s what little girls are made of.  Female dogs will love the sugar and spice dog harness dress.  It is pretty, with a pink bodice that goes over the head and it has an animal print ruffle at the end.  In the middle of the back is a ring that you can attach a leash to and walk your pretty little girl dog.  This dress will make going for walks comfortable and safe.  Dog harnessesDog harness dress are a way to give the dog a wider area of hold on their bodies so that their necks won’t be hyper extended due to the use of only a collar.  Dog harnesses come in different shapes and sizes.  Some dog harnesses are made into pretty vests so it can be stylish like the sugar and spice dog harness dress.  Then some harnesses are made of just a black material, or in pretty colors such as blue, pink and many other fun colors.

The other day I was at my car dealership’s service center, when I saw a white dog being held up by a dog harness placed on his abdomen.  I did not see the dog walk and so I assumed that he needed the special assistance to get him around without causing him a problem.  Maybe he was old and it would have been painful for him to walk about, or his legs may be weak and he just needed the extra assistance.  Dog harnesses make it easier to hold onto your dog when he pulls too hard, or to assist him when he needs some help.  Large dogs can be lifted up into the car with a dog harness if they do not have steps to climb into the vehicle.


Last night we had bad storms with lightening, thunder and flash floods. We had tornado warnings and thunderstorms. Kate just hates storms. She has to be held tight during the storms. There was no electricity either at their home, all night. When you cannot see your dog it is best to have a dog harness on so that you can keep track of where your pet is. A good dog harness will keep them safe and supported. Sometimes we like to use fancy dog harnesses or dog leads and harnesses together to keep your pet where you want them to be. If you have the dog harness on, and a lead when the storms come, you can get a hold of the lead and find your pet in the dark, to keep them safe. It is really important to keep our pets safe during storms so they will not get lost or hurt.