Beijing disallows guide dog for athlete

Beijing has a rule that citizens cannot have dogs bigger than 35 cm tall.  This creates a problem for the owners of larger dogs.  They actually have to sneak out at night to walk their dogs so that the dog catchers won’t get them.  If the dogs are caught by the catchers, they face imminent death.  This rule is strictly enforced and so most people have small dogs, or they keep the dogs till they grow up and discard them.  This adds to the number of rabid dogs seen running around in the cities.  It is really important for the citizens to keep their dogs on a strong harness and leash so that they will not get loose while the owners are at work.  The small dogs have no problems and I am sure that many of the pet owners have jeweled dog collars and leashes for their pretty little dogs.

There is an athlete who will be carrying the Olympic torch in Beijing, but is not given permission to take her guide dog with her, because of this ancient rule that they enforce.  Surely the officials can be persuaded to get the proper license in time.  Guide dogs are so well behaved, and are always in a dog harness

.  Maybe it is time for them to realize that people are going to keep the type of dogs they like, but even if they do not approve them for pleasure, one would think that they would  allow a Guide dog.  The funny thing is that the Diplomats are exempt from this rule and are seen walking their dogs on leashes, in front of the citizens, who have to go out with their dogs at night.

One can coordinate the jeweled dog collars and leashes like this Black velvet & white diamonds dog collar and leash set.  It is a beautiful collar made of black velvet with white rhinestone diamonds set in sterling silver plated settings.

Black velvet & white diamond dog collar and leash set

Black velvet & white diamond dog collar and leash set

Dog leads and harnesses

My ‘grandbaby’ Kate is staying with me for a week or two while her parents go out of town for the memorial weekend.  She is quite a strong little puppy for about 7-8lbs.  When we got outside, she has on a pink camo dog harness with a matching pink camo leash, she literally drags me wherever she wants to go.  When we go to the back of the house, she first walks all around the pool and then she will do her business.  When we go to the front she takes me around our circular driveway.  If she did not have on a dog harness, I hate to think that her collar may have choked her by now.  I do let her have her own way up to a limit.  When I do pull her my way, it is very gently, but she can put the brakes on pretty strong.  The reason we have on a dog harness for her is because she is just a little dog, and if one were to yank on her collar in the wrong way it could occlude or destroy her trachea.  It is important for us to use a dog harness for the small and the strong-willed dogs.  Some dogs that tend to go wild when they see other dogs, are best handled with a dog harness.  Yesterday we were out and Kate wanted to see the dog next door who was also on a walk.  But when the other dog came near he started barking and lunging, and the owner was having a hard time holding onto him with only a leash on a collar.

Pretty dog harnesses and matching leashes keeps the owner and the dog stylish and happy.  Sometimes, I use a leash with jewels on it, but it does not match the pink camo dog harness that Kate has on right now.  It is fun to use the matching leash.  The most style conscious pet owners make sure they have jeweled dog harnesses and leashes or just a matching pretty flowered dog harness and leash.