Boy dog shirts

The other night I was watching America’s Funniest Videos and really had a good laugh.  I try to get in a few minutes of laughter everyday, and this was especially more fun because it was about 2 dogs actually and they both were   Chihuahuas.  The first one would raise his ears when his ‘daddy’ looked away, but as soon as he looked at him, the dog’s ears would go down.  This was pretty funny, and it went on for a while.  In that segment he won the $10,000 first prize.  But later here comes a cutie in a blue boy dog shirt that just would not pee all night.  The Parents were concerned and when they took him out, it was a really comical situation.  First of all he walked on his front legs, with the back ones raised up.  Then he walked on his front paws and walked past a pavement and then started peeing in a zig zag fashion, walking all the way to the end and then some.  It should be noted that he did not wet his blue boy dog shirt.  He was the winner on that segment.  Then they had all the previous winners come back for the $100,000 first place prize, and both the Chihuahuas were on the show.  And much to my delight the ‘zig zag peeing dog’ won the big $100,000 prize.  I wish I could find the video of it.  It was quite hilarious.  Of course he was dressed in a black boy dog shirt for this time.  In fact his human parents wore black too.  And what were they going to use the prize money for?  The dog will get to go on a cruise with them.

A lot of dog apparel are for girl dogs, but if you look at the boy dog shirts, boy dog sweaters, dog sweatsuits, and twinsets, you will find that they look really cute in them.  In fact some girl dogs even wear shirts or dog t-shirts

Boy dog golf shirt

Boy dog golf shirt

Boy dog shirts

Boy dog shirts


Dog coats, dog jackets and dog harnesses on sale

If you are looking for cheap all weather dog coats, dog vests,  and stylish dog jackets that you can use through Spring and will still be usable in the winter, don’t wait one more moment longer. This is a very limited offer. See the previous blog for items and price drop.

Great prices for ony a day or two!!

Knitted dog sweaters

With winter comes the need to keep your dogs warm.  Yet, you want them to look nice.  Check out the pretty knitted dog sweaters.  This  knitted dog sweater looks like a dress, it is pink and has a heart knitted right onto the back of the dog sweater.  This pretty dog sweater will not only keep your pooch warm but it will tell the world how much you love your dog.  Dog sweaters must not only look pretty but must fit well and do its job of keeping your dog warm and cozy.  When it snows and you want to take your four-legged best friend out with you, these dog sweaters, dog coats and dog vests will really come in handy.  There are dog sweaters and dog coats and dog vests

Knitted dog sweater

Knitted dog sweater

that are great for the Christmas season too.  In about two weeks  it will be Christmas.  Why not show the world that you believe in Christmas by having your dog wear one of the Christmas dog sweaters.

Going to rain again!!

We have been have a flooding problem here in Arkansas and just as the water is receding, it is supposed to rain again! What is a puppy to do with to do with all this rain! Well, I guess he might have to wear his blue dog rain coat to protect his fur. She has a pretty pink dog rain coat with black polka dotted belt. Won’t she be so pretty in the middle of all those boys in their dog rain coats. We as humans do not like to get our heads wet (especially ladies) when it rains, so we get an umbrella or raincoat to protect ourselves. Our four legged friends have hair or fur all over their bodies, so they will need dog rain coats to protect them, or else you will have a pretty wet, muddy pooch on your hands, when he or she comes in from the rain. When you hang up your raincoat on a wall hook, be sure to make space and hang up your dog’s dog rain coat too, so it will be handy when they have to go out in a hurry. Especially when you get home from work.

Bu raincoatza475.jpg

I know my Kate loves pink. I guess it is really her mom’s favorite color, and since Kate is a girl we tend to buy her a lot of pink, including dog rain coats, dog sweaters, and designer dog clothes.

Dog not an accessory

My daughter decided to write today’s blog, because, after all Kate is her baby.

My dog is not an accessory!


I do, however, love to accessorize her! Sometimes small dogs get a bad reputation because people think they are merely accessories. This is a stereotype and not my reality. I do love dressing Kate up in designer dog clothes, dog sweaters, fancy dog harnesses and matching leads, as well as put her hair up in cute dog bows and designer dog accessories, rhinestone tiaras or clips. That still does not make her my accessory; it just makes her well dressed. Since I do not live in a dog friendly city like L.A. or New York City, Kate does not get carried around from store to store. She mostly just gets to parade around family gatherings or pose for the camera. And let me tell you, once I slip her into one of her designer clothes, she definitely puts on a show. I just know she feels extra cute when she is dressed up in her luxury dog clothes! I don’t have kids yet, so until then, Kate will satisfy my urge to buy designer dog clothes and matching dog hair barrettes. My co-workers laugh at the idea of me dressing my dog in designer dog clothes. Yet, when I bring pictures of my little dressed up princess to work, they ooh and aah over how cute she looks. Just one look at that precious face and you just can’t help but smile. So dog tee shirts and dog hair bows do not make her an accessory, but I would certainly carry her everywhere with me if I could, just because I love her so much!

Nina Carter