Fancy dog collars

Dog collars come in all shapes, colors, material, design and size. How do you decide what is the best collar for your dog? Do you want a fancy dog collar, or one that just does the job, or a unique dog collar that probably no one in your town will have? If you are looking for one that just does the job, you can find any number of dog collars at your discount store down the street. But what about that elusive unique dog collar that you must have? If you scale the best dog collar stores and websites, you may find what you are looking for. What is the definition of Unique? That really depends on what you find to be ‘one of a kind’ the best jeweled dog collar, or a pretty leather dog collar, or it might just be one with simple markings on it. What I find to be a cool dog collar, my daughter will think it is too gaudy. She likes it simple but one that makes a statement. So whatever your definition of unique is, you will be able to find the fancy dog collar that suits your likes.

Doggie birthday party

Last August Kate turned 2, and she was with me for her birthday. I thought it would be fun to have a little party for her. I decided to invite one little girl who was fond of Kate. It just so happened that it was prayer meeting night, and when I invited one person the others heard and so I ended up having every one over for cake. I made two party hats, one for Kate and one for her little friend. Her mom and dad had bought a very pretty designer dog apparel for her, but it stayed with them, so she did not get to wear her birthday designer dog clothes that day. However, it was fun all around. We even sang happy birthday by bow wowing the music to her. She was all excited because she loves company, and did not know who she liked best, so she was greeting everyone. At the end of the evening she was one pooped out pup. When she is ready for bed, she chooses a soft luxury dog bed covered in silk and starts fluffing it up and scratching on it to make her fancy dog bed ready for her to sleep in.

Dog Accessories

kate-062.jpgIt is interesting that just like humans, puppies need dog accessories. Since Kate is a Morkie, she has hair like a Maltese. Her hair falls into her face and you cannot see her eyes, and that makes you wonder if she can see through all that hair. When Kate came back from the groomers she would have her hair up in a trendy dog accessories. When Kate was younger, she would have those clips off in a short while. She would roll on the floor and get that clip or bow off. But my daughter would put her hair up and in a scrunchie and pretty designer dog accessories. At first, Kate would get it off, but when she saw that it was a losing battle, she finally gave up, and now she lets us put her hair in designer dog accessories or tiaras, and I think she realizes that she can see better with the hair accessories to keep the hair off her face and eyes. When she has on a pretty dress she wears pretty designer dog accessories such as rhinestone barrettes that match her dresses, and she looks like a princesses.