Dog coats

Camo pink dog coatBlue dog coat

Some may think that Spring has Sprung so why talk about coats. Here in Arkansas our weather is so unpredictable. We have thunderstorms, tornadoes and flash flooding. No sooner than we start cleanup, another storm comes through. Tonight our temperature is going down to the 30’s. We have a 30-40 degree fluctuation of temperature in a day! With weather like this, even animals need some warm clothes to go outside. Fleece dog coats are made to help the dog keep warm and give him that second layer of fur in way. Domesticated dogs are not able to bear the cold weather as nature intended for them. We have taken them and gotten them accustomed to the central heating and air conditioning that the second layer of fur does not grow. So fleece dog coats are very important to keep our domesticated dogs warm. Dogs who do not have much hair will need fleece dog coats to help them warm. There are fancy dog coats and then there are fleece dog coats, and they do not have to be mutually exclusive. There can be fancy fleece dog coats. Sometimes dog coats are made just as a fashion statement. Small dog coats are important since they do not have much to keep them warm. Winter dog coats are best used when it is really cold outside. But with fluctuating temperatures one must be ready for our pet’s needs.

On another site I saw a dog coat made with Oriental silk, and it was very pretty. Sometimes you see dog coats that do not fit the dog very well, and that can be more of a hindrance than help. Measurements for any apparel should be taken correctly so that the seamstress can make the dog coat to fit and actually look good on our pets. Dog parka coats with hoods are helpful when it is raining and cold outside.

Dog raincoats

Does your dog need a dog raincoat like we do? Don’t they like the water, is just that we do not want them to get wet. I bet a dog would love to run about in the rain, especially if it is a pretty day out. Given half a chance they would love to roll about in the dirt while they are wet. My mom’s dog Lucky would go outside and run into the water sprinklers and then he would come in all dirty and shake his shaggy fur all over the place. We use dog raincoats so that our dogs will not get all wet and mess up the house. Sometimes, we think about our carpets, furniture. But that is not the only reason. I spoke to a lady who bought a dog raincoat for her little dachshund. She wanted the dog raincoat and hat to protect her puppy’s ears. When she shakes her head a lot like most pups do when they play, but her ears flop around and causes it to bleed. This owner want a pink dog raincoat to protect her puppy from hurting herself. We humans are not all so self serving that we care only about the trouble our pets may cause, we truly do love our pets and will do just about anything to protect them from any harm.