Pet flower bed

Kate went to the Veterinarian today for her check up and vaccination. She is doing just fine. Spring is in the air, and I can envision her on this cute flower-shaped dog bed. It has soft fleece petals and a plush center. Designer dog beds will be what I want for my cutie pie. These flower -shaped beds are luxury dog beds and come in two colors. Pink and green for a girl and blue and yellow designer dog beds for the boys. I know she would love the luxury dog beds too. She certainly has good taste. We have a dog bed here for her that is made of denim and she will hardly even look at it. But her pretty pink satin luxury dog bed is what she likes to get in and snuggle. I guess it must be a dog thing she does. She gets into her designer dog bed and scratches it and then it is ready for her to lie in it. I guess the dogs or rather our ‘babies’ get nothing but the best. When I was in Jamaica, the people there did not understand how a dog was even let into the house, leave alone having a designer dog bed or a luxury dog bed for them. There the dogs are strictly outdoors, and ate scraps, unlike our pets here in the USA. They asked me if it was true that our pets were like our babies, and I had to tell them it was true. I had Kate’s picture as my laptop screensaver, and they understood why we love them so much.