Unique dog collars

Pet owners and family are always on the look out for the unique dog collar that will set their pet apart from others. We are the same way too. I remember that when my nieces were younger they loved the clothes we bought from Arkansas because it was different in California. And when we went out of town anywhere, we looked for that unique outfit for my daughter. I remember when my daughter went to Europe, she bought some crystal from Praque and so we could have something unique. She even bought a pair of shoes for her dad. We all like to be different. If all the fish in the sea were the same color, there would be no fun for those who snorkel. We like for our pets to look different and so we hunt for that special jeweled dog collar

, or it might just be a pretty bow tie that is used as a collar. Girls get all gussied up with pretty bows in their hair and nail polish on their toes, and they get to wear the jeweled dog collars. For boy dogs they could wear a tuxedo dog collar bowtie, or even a sparkling dog collar. I am sure they can wear any fancy dog collar they wish to.

Yesterday I saw a friend’s poodle with red bows and red nail polish. She looked so cute. But she is nervous about meeting anyone. She tucks herself under her owner’s chair. But before the evening was over she actually licked my fingers since I was scratching under her chin. We were outdoors because we just got a brand new sign for our church that is taller and lights up. The men did most of the work in setting it up, but we ladies put in our two cents worth.

Fancy dog collars

Dog collars come in all shapes, colors, material, design and size. How do you decide what is the best collar for your dog? Do you want a fancy dog collar, or one that just does the job, or a unique dog collar that probably no one in your town will have? If you are looking for one that just does the job, you can find any number of dog collars at your discount store down the street. But what about that elusive unique dog collar that you must have? If you scale the best dog collar stores and websites, you may find what you are looking for. What is the definition of Unique? That really depends on what you find to be ‘one of a kind’ the best jeweled dog collar, or a pretty leather dog collar, or it might just be one with simple markings on it. What I find to be a cool dog collar, my daughter will think it is too gaudy. She likes it simple but one that makes a statement. So whatever your definition of unique is, you will be able to find the fancy dog collar that suits your likes.