Forest vs luxury dog beds

There is a city in Arkansas that cannot and are not willing to keep stray dogs in a dilapidated shelter.  Since they have no other place to put them, they are driven to a national forest and left on the side of the road.  This forest is not in the animal shelter business.  So these dogs will have to fend for themselves and if they were domesticated, they  will not have the instincts or ability to protect themselves from the other animals and the elements.  These strays have to find a place to sleep anywhere in the forest or even by the road, or in the middle of the road.  Many a time I have seen a dog lying in the middle of the road and we have to honk at them to move.  This is a dangerous situation for these animals.

While these dogs are left to fend for themselves, the luckier ones are coddled and fed with the best food available for them.  They even get to sleep in beautiful luxury dog beds.  Imagine, if you will, that your dog was found as a stray in that city by accident, you will not have the ability to check with the non-existent shelter to find them.  These special dogs who live in the lap of luxury as apposed to the strays having to sleep in the forest.  There are several hotel chains that are now pet-friendly rooms with all the amenities.  They provide special dog dishes, luxury dog beds, and a basket of dog treats in the room for the luckier dogs who have people who love them.

So where do stray dogs come from?  Pet owners who do not spay and neuter their pets, find themselves with unplanned for or unwanted puppies.  If these are mixed and cannot be sold or given away they may end up in a shelter.  But remember, this city does not have a shelter.  So these puppies will end up in the national forest that is not a shelter.  There are other dogs who have been abused and mistreated and now they are placed on the roadside of a forest to fend for themselves.

My daughter and son-in-law came down for the weekend and they brought their sweet Kate (Morkie dog) with them.  They also had her pretty pink satin luxury dog bed in the car with them.  When they were packing up to leave, Kate got in the car so she would sure of going home.  When we looked in the car, she had settled herself in her pink satin luxury dog bed.  I am sure that all you pet owners, love to lavish the best for your pooches.  My heart goes out to these dogs that are left on the roadside.

Luxury dog beds

Hotel chains like Ritz Carlton and Red Roof Inns are going to the dogs.  They are now taking dog guests and provide amenities such as luxury dog beds, dog collars, and dog dishes.  It is however important to call each hotel to check on the rules before you take your pet with you on your vacation.  If you choose to take your own luxury dog bed with you that would be fine too.  It all depends on your needs for your pet.  It is great that you now have the option to do this.

There are all types of luxury dog beds that are available for dogs or cats for that matter.  There are heated dog beds, raised dog beds and dog crate beds.  Did I mention that my Kate loves her new dog crate bed?  Well, she likes it when she is at her own home (my daughter’s).  She has no problem getting into her dog crate when my daughter and her husband are ready to go to work.  But since she is visiting with me, she does not think that her dog crate bed is necessary.  She likes to lie down right next to me, wherever I am.  While I am working on my laptop, she wedges herself between the seat I am on and the next.  She even rests her little chin on my laptop.  If I were to put her in the dog crate she barks at me.  She has a luxury dog bed in her dog crate but it does not seem to compare to being right next to her grandma.Luxury dog bed

Dog crate beds

My ‘grandbaby’, Kate was here for a couple of days with her parents.  We got her a new crate with a dog crate bed and bumper.   The dog crate bed and bumper were of animal print.  Once it was set up, we tried putting her in it and she seemed pretty happy about it.  Her previous crate was a closed carrier, and when she was in there, she could not move much.  This is a wire crate which gives her the freedom to look out and not feel totally enclosed in it.  My daughter said that when she put Kate into the crate, she did not fuss at all.  usually, we could hear her ‘stomp her feet’ and bark when they put her in before they leave her and go out to work. Today, as soon as she went into the new crate she started ‘digging’ the new dog crate bed.  That is what she does when she is getting ready to sleep.  She loves satin, silk and leather.  She starts digging or scratching on any of these materials.  The new dog crate bed is made of faux fur, and she seems to like that too.

It is very important to get the right size dog crate bed to fit the crate.  So when we set up the new crate, my daughter was worried that the dog crate bed and bumper, that was bought much earlier may not fit.  But actually, I checked the measurements before ordering the crate.  When we put the dog crate bed in, it was a perfect fit, and so was the bumper guard.  The bumper guard was so that she won’t lie down too close to the wire cage or hurt herself in any way.  Another new thing for her is that she can see out and not feel claustrophobic in there.

Pet flower bed

Kate went to the Veterinarian today for her check up and vaccination. She is doing just fine. Spring is in the air, and I can envision her on this cute flower-shaped dog bed. It has soft fleece petals and a plush center. Designer dog beds will be what I want for my cutie pie. These flower -shaped beds are luxury dog beds and come in two colors. Pink and green for a girl and blue and yellow designer dog beds for the boys. I know she would love the luxury dog beds too. She certainly has good taste. We have a dog bed here for her that is made of denim and she will hardly even look at it. But her pretty pink satin luxury dog bed is what she likes to get in and snuggle. I guess it must be a dog thing she does. She gets into her designer dog bed and scratches it and then it is ready for her to lie in it. I guess the dogs or rather our ‘babies’ get nothing but the best. When I was in Jamaica, the people there did not understand how a dog was even let into the house, leave alone having a designer dog bed or a luxury dog bed for them. There the dogs are strictly outdoors, and ate scraps, unlike our pets here in the USA. They asked me if it was true that our pets were like our babies, and I had to tell them it was true. I had Kate’s picture as my laptop screensaver, and they understood why we love them so much.

Doggie birthday party

Last August Kate turned 2, and she was with me for her birthday. I thought it would be fun to have a little party for her. I decided to invite one little girl who was fond of Kate. It just so happened that it was prayer meeting night, and when I invited one person the others heard and so I ended up having every one over for cake. I made two party hats, one for Kate and one for her little friend. Her mom and dad had bought a very pretty designer dog apparel for her, but it stayed with them, so she did not get to wear her birthday designer dog clothes that day. However, it was fun all around. We even sang happy birthday by bow wowing the music to her. She was all excited because she loves company, and did not know who she liked best, so she was greeting everyone. At the end of the evening she was one pooped out pup. When she is ready for bed, she chooses a soft luxury dog bed covered in silk and starts fluffing it up and scratching on it to make her fancy dog bed ready for her to sleep in.

Today I thought I will give you a brief tour of my website. Kate is the official tour guide. She says that the website is filled with beautiful things. Things she would love, like the fancy dog collars, some have jewels and some are like necklaces with a jewel pendant. The harnesses are very pretty. We chose only the ones we thought would look good. Talk about the designer dog apparel! You have to see them to believe the beauty of those luxury apparel. I love the designer dog beds. We have all shapes and sizes. We even have memory foam beds for the dogs who may be arthritic. There are waterproof beds, bolster beds, outdoor beds and cool dog beds. Did I say ‘cool beds’? Well, I meant it two ways. They are all cool, but we have beds that are actually cooling. Imagine that!Jeweled dog collars

Tomorrow, maybe we can talk about the boy’s clothes we have.