Jeweled dog collars

Dog collars come in different materials, sizes, colors and you have a choice of jewels real or artificial.  Jeweled dog collars

Personalized jeweled dog collar

Personalized jeweled dog collar

are great for a special occasion.  Some of the jeweled collars are just 3/8inch wide and it goes upto 2 inches wide. You can get your dog’s initials in rhinestone slide letters on the collar.  This dog collar is a slide collar and is about 1/2 inch, and you get upto 8 letters depending on the size of your dog’s collar.  Of course if you want more letters, you can always buy more if it would fit on the collar.

To decide the size of your dog’s jeweled collar, you must use a cloth measure and measure his/her neck snugly.  When the collar is made, it will allow room for comfort and there will be extra holes to adjust the size.  Make sure you do not go by the length of the present collar.

These jeweled dog collars are made of velvet and the rhinestones are set in silver plated settings.  These jeweled dog collars have many colors and are beautiful.  Your pooch will be the envy of all the dogs in the neighborhood.  Of course, it is best that the collar be removed when they are left alone or before they go to sleep.

Dogs in the forest

Yesterday I wrote about a city who, knowing that they did not have a decent shelter, took the stray dogs and left them near a forest. Today, on the news they said that people went to the forest to find the dogs. They were only able to find one dog. It would have had more sense to put a unique dog collar on them with sensors so that they could track the dog’s journey in the forest. I guess if they did not have the money for a shelter, they probably did not have the money, or the concern, to place tracking dog collars on these dogs.

Imagine your dog lost in a national forest. Having a personalized dog collar on your dog could save him from a situation like this. We would see the personalized dog collar and then be able to return the dog to it’s rightful owners. One city in Arkansas, required all dogs to have microchips and be vaccinated for rabies. However, how often we think that our dogs won’t go far, and therefore we fail to put a personalized dog collar on our precious pet. Another reason pet owners fail to place a personalized dog collar on their dog they are afraid the collar will be uncomfortable for their pet. This is a legitimate concern for pet owners. If the dog is a house dog, pet owners tend to think they will always be safe.

Man dives after dog

Last night on the news I heard about a man who dove into the Red River in Arkansas, after his dog, and was never seen again. My first thoughts were how awful. My second thoughts were, why did the dog not have on a dog collar and leash? Evidently this man and his wife were near the river, when the dog fell into the river, obviously, he did not have a leash or a harness. If he had a personalized dog collar, maybe someone who finds him can notify the family. It is important to have a personalized dog collar for identification in any situation when the dog may be lost. Later, I heard that this man had vanished along with the dog. Evidently the man had some serious criminal problems, and may have purposely disappeared with his dog, in the river. So no matter what kind of collar, a fancy dog collar, custom dog collars, or even a jeweled dog collar would have helped if this disappearance in the water was on purpose. So that defeats it’s purpose. Hopefully, the dog is safe, and maybe will return to his home. His master? Who knows if he planned his escape, leaving his wife at the edge of the river without a paddle.