Dogs wear luxury apparel, legally

Based largely on the Reese Witherspoon movie, “Legally Blonde”,  this musical is centered around sorority star Elle Woods, who has a pampered chihuahua that wears cool clothes and has colorful toys and treats. When her boyfriend dumps her for someone more “serious,” Elle puts down the credit card, hits the books, and sets out to go where no Delta Nu has gone before: Harvard Law. Along the way, she meets her hairdresser Paulette who also has a dog, Rufus. The dogs take center stage.

These dogs have their own dressing rooms and are pampered as the stars they are.  They get to wear luxury dog clothes, and fancy jeweled dog collars, and they in turn put on a great show in this musical on Broadway.  These dogs were from shelters and given a wonderful second life.

Designer Dog Apparel

Dogs do not need to be dressed up. They come with their own beautiful coat of fur. Some have short fur and some have long fur, or fluffy fur which is the clothing God gave them. However, we have taken the animals and domesticated them to the point that we forget that they are not human. Remember the movie Legally Blonde? The main character had a small dog that she carried around in a designer bag, dressed in designer dog apparel. They both were perfectly matched at all times. Many pet lovers and owners look for the very best for their pooches. Sometimes they take care of their pets better than themselves. I was reading ‘Dear Abby” yesterday, and a lady was complaining that when they run out of food for their cat, instead of going to the store and buying more cat food, her husband would feed the cat the liver pate she was saving for special occasions. There are many pet apparel stores around the world. Pet fashion has become big business. Naturally, everyone is looking for the best designer dog apparel they possibly can.

Many Manufacturers have special designers to perfect the garment to fit the pooch. It depends on your taste as to what you think is pretty. Just like the clothes on the runway can be interesting, many of those outfits don’t really suit everyone. Similarly, dog couture can depend on the taste of the owner. I like pretty and soft fabrics for the designer outfits. Did you know that Paris Hilton has 17 dogs? She certainly can afford to dress each of them in the very best dog clothes. Again, she too likes to have matching outfits for the dogs she carries with her. No, I do not know if she dresses all her dogs all the time. Dog clothes must cover the whole dog, otherwise it looks like they are missing their pants. But putting on pants for dogs can be inconvenient for the pet and the owner. The dresses and shirts are made with the fact that dogs need to go and cannot tell us when.

It is important to size the designer dog clothes with correct measurements. If you put a big dog in clothes designed for small dogs it could look awkward. Actually, if you are going to spend the money, it is best to send your pet’s measurements and have the outfits custom made for your pooch. My daughter’s dog looks beautiful in the pretty dresses she wears. I find that it is important to brush her fur after you remove the clothes so that the fur does not get matted.

Designer Dog Apparel.

Designer dog apparel

emerald ecstasy

Dogs do not know anything about designer labels, but they certainly know when they are dressed in designer dog apparel.  When the clothes they are wearing looks good, it makes them happy.  Sunday was my birthday, and my daughter, her husband and their dog, Kate came to visit.  On Sunday, after she was given a nice bath, she was dried and her hair was put up in a purple scrunchie.  Then she was dressed in a pretty blue dress, with pink and lavender pom poms on it.  She was just so cute to watch.  She certainly acted differently, and seemed to enjoy it.

I have noticed that she loves to pose for a picture.  When she is dressed in designer dog apparel she knows that she is getting all the attention.  If you take a camera out, she will pose for it.  In fact she posed for about 12 pictures (hundreds actually, to get the 12) for a calendar that was a birthday gift to me.  It started with April and goes through to March of next year.

Looking at designer dog apparel there are so many pretty dresses, and they look as if they were made of a baby.  But then again, our pet is our baby, and so the designer makes dresses that will enhance their look.  My favorite is a green dress (my favorite color), actually, and emerald green dress, that really is very elegant.

Stylish dog clothes

A Brazilian vet says that dogs should get face lifts and other plastic surgery to keep them looking good. I am sure there is a demand for such services for people who can afford to do so. Not much can be done to hide a face problem, but otherwise there are stylish dog clothes that can enhance the looks of your pet. There are some dogs that love to dress up and pose for the camera. I was looking at some pictures where a pet had on stylish dog clothes and had a glamor shots picture taken. The Yorkie looked really nice in those stylish dog clothes. Many dogs look really nice in stylish dog clothes and thus cover up any problems on the body. stylish dog clothes Dressing dogs have become a reality. Dogs wear pretty dresses with matching bows and clips and when groomed well they look like a little girl.

Designer dog apparel


Designer dog apparel

In the movie Legally Blonde the main character always carried her dog in a designer dog bag and her clothes always matched with the designer dog apparel the dog was wearing. It stands to reason that people love their dogs so much that they want them to have the same things as they do. It has been said that the dogs and their owners eventually look alike. Well dressed ladies would like to dress their dogs in designer dog apparel and usually the carry the dog as an accessory to their outfit. I understand that Paris Hilton has 17 dogs. I am sure she can afford to have designer dog apparel for each of her 17 dogs.

This company that makes the designer dog apparel, has a designer that makes the dress and puts it on their dog, and when it is approved by the dog, they have it manufactured. So personal attention goes into the details of the designer dog clothes that they make. The clothes are beautiful, elegant and well worth the price. I have seen dog clothes that do not even cover the whole dog. It looks as if they are wearing a top without the pants, and yet when you see a dog in pants, it looks awkward. However, pants and shorts and bikinis are sold for dogs, but I prefer the designer dog apparel. It looks nice and the dogs are well dressed and you can take them anywhere and still be in style.