Dog crate beds

My ‘grandbaby’, Kate was here for a couple of days with her parents.  We got her a new crate with a dog crate bed and bumper.   The dog crate bed and bumper were of animal print.  Once it was set up, we tried putting her in it and she seemed pretty happy about it.  Her previous crate was a closed carrier, and when she was in there, she could not move much.  This is a wire crate which gives her the freedom to look out and not feel totally enclosed in it.  My daughter said that when she put Kate into the crate, she did not fuss at all.  usually, we could hear her ‘stomp her feet’ and bark when they put her in before they leave her and go out to work. Today, as soon as she went into the new crate she started ‘digging’ the new dog crate bed.  That is what she does when she is getting ready to sleep.  She loves satin, silk and leather.  She starts digging or scratching on any of these materials.  The new dog crate bed is made of faux fur, and she seems to like that too.

It is very important to get the right size dog crate bed to fit the crate.  So when we set up the new crate, my daughter was worried that the dog crate bed and bumper, that was bought much earlier may not fit.  But actually, I checked the measurements before ordering the crate.  When we put the dog crate bed in, it was a perfect fit, and so was the bumper guard.  The bumper guard was so that she won’t lie down too close to the wire cage or hurt herself in any way.  Another new thing for her is that she can see out and not feel claustrophobic in there.

Raised dog beds

I was just thinking about all the flooding we have had recently. I noticed that many people lost their homes and everything they had to the floods. However, there were a few lucky people who did not. Why? Because they had raised houses. Some of the houses were built on stilts and it was a blessing because it protected their homes. All around them was water, in fact people brought them groceries by boat, but they were dry. Just as a raised house saved them from floods, a raised dog bed protects the dogs from whatever is on the floor. Yes, even when it rains, the raised dog bed will not get all soggy and wet. In fact the raised dog bed helps the dog stay cool on hot days, because air can circulate under them. A raised dog bed can be placed anywhere and still be comfortable for the dog. Raised dog beds can be placed on cement, hard floors or even in the grass, and your pet stays comfortable no matter what the surface of the floor is like. There was one lady who said that she hated the steps up to her home, until now, when those steps up saved their home from the floods.