Soft fleece dog beds

How much do we love the dog we bring home. The very first day you see how much this little bundle of joy makes you happy and you want the very best for him or her. One of the first things you get is a dog bed, and it is not just any dog bed, but the cutest and most comfortable dog bed of all available. How about showing your love with a comfortable fleece dog bed, or a cradle dog bed? They come in pink or blue and are so soft that your dog will be happy to sink into the softness and comfort. Boy dogs would probably want a blue fleece dog bed as apposed to a girl with a pink dog bed. Do these cute puppies care what color it is? Not at all. All they care about is the softness and comfort as they go to la la land.

Dog beds vs your bed

Does your dog like to sleep on his own dog bed or in your bed? My niece called me yesterday from California and said that when she picked up her dog, she also went and got her a dog bed. However, the dog likes to sleep in her bed, and usually on her pillow. If that is going to be a problem, then you should never allow your dog in your bed in the first place. Once you make a concession, you have lost the battle. There are all kinds of beautiful and useful dog beds available. To have you dog sleep in their bed, you must have them sleep there from the very first day. If they come to your bed, you just have to put them back in their dog beds. Once you let your dog in your bed, you can just about forget about your pillow, because the small dogs like to sleep right near your head.

Recently I wrote about the dogs that were let loose in the National Forest by the Mayor of a town in east Arkansas. Unfortunately, those dogs did not have choice of dog beds they could sleep in. However, after the story broke loose, there have been people who have volunteered to take the dogs in. They were unable to find food for themselves while in the forest and looked a bit thin, but they will be alright. They are now clean and happy in some nice person’s home. Now maybe, they will get to sleep on a pretty dog bed, or at least a soft dog bed, as apposed to having to find a place in the forest. The Mayor is in the dog house now. He could face charges because it is illegal to set animals loose into a National forest.

So the choices we make for our dogs, matter greatly. If we do not spay or neuter our pets, there may be some pets that do not have a home. It is also not right for us to adopt a dog or cat, and then let them run loose in the city. If we want a pet, we must be prepared to provide a good home for them. That includes a good dog bed, dog food and especially water. The temperatures are high now and our dogs will get hot. If you do not keep them cool and provide enough water for them, they will have heat exhaustion just like we do. We must also remember that a dog’s body temperature is already higher than ours. There are cooling mats available for dogs that cannot be in a cool place.