Stylish dog clothes for little dogs and big ones

I recently added more stylish dog clothes on my website.  They are cute, and go from sizes teacup to Xlarge.  There are a couple of dog dresses that are perfect for the fourth of July and any time you want to show your patriotism.  Please remember to measure your dog each time you order any product for them, because they may have grown a bit, or even lost a little weight.  Also, all dog clothes are not made exactly the same so use the sizing chart whenever you order anything for your four legged best friend.  Just as humans hate to wear clothes that are tight and uncomfortable, dogs are uncomfortable with ill fitting dog clothes

It is great to have stylish dog clothes, but please do not put your dogs in the wrong sized clothes.  They cannot tell us they are uncomfortable, and so we must be extra careful.  Some time ago I wrote about a pet that was almost cut in half by a tight dog harness

pink stylish dog dress

pink stylish dog dress

Black bow and white bow

Black bow and white bow

.  The owners, put the harness on and left the dog outdoors night and day, and never realized that the dog was growing and needed a larger harness.   I know that all of you who read my blogs, love your pets and would hate to see them uncomfortable.  They have become your family, just like a child.  In fact I love my daughter’s dog so much and love being a grandma to a puppy.  In fact she is lying down right next to me and is sound asleep.  Last night there was a thunderstorm, which Kate, the puppy, hates storms.  I woke up to find the electricity was off and did not find Kate anywhere.  So I found a flashlight, and found her on the floor pacing.  I picked her up and held her under the covers with me.  When she settled down, she stuck her head under the covers and slept through the night.  She is so adorable.

Dogs dressed to win in designer dog clothes

In Little Rock Arkansas, Saturday’s Delta Trust Dog Dayz had a “Mutt Strut and Dog Show.’  Many dog owners dressed up their dogs so they could be proud to strut in designer dog clothes.  However, some dogs had very ill-fitting clothes, and the poor dog looked miserable.  On the other hand there were several beatifully dressed dogs.  There was a little girl whose dress matched her dog’s and they are so cute.  The Chinese hairless crested dog was dressed in a stylish dog dress and pearls for a dog collar.  You can tell that she is loved.  Many dog owners treat their pets better than they do themselves.  Since the pets cannot tell us what they want, and they give us unconditional love, it behooves us to treat them with love and make them happy.  These dogs really seemed to strut their stuff when they had on pretty dog clothes, and fancy dog collars.  However, the ones with ill-fitting clothes looked miserable.

Oprah dresses her dog in stylish clothes

The other day I saw on TV that Oprah adopted, a dog that is.  What a cutie.  She was brought out in a cute and stylish dog dress and a lovely jeweled dog collar.  I hope she will find my site and check out the stylish dog clothes

Red Chinese Silk dog vest

Red Chinese Silk dog vest

and other designer products.  I know she could afford whatever she wants, but one does not need to spend a lot of money to get the very best.

Luxury dog apparel

Dogs are treated as not only part of the family, but almost human. I hear dog owners referring to their four-legged friends as their children. As a matter of fact, I am a grandma to a puppy. So we find the need for our ‘children’ to wear luxury dog apparel. What is included in luxury apparel. Boy dog tuxedos for the groom that come in black and white, with a pretty flower. The bride dog has luxurious bridal dog dress.

Owners who have a boy dog and a girl dog that are in love, create a beautiful wedding for their friends. The ceremony is replete in the bride dog wearing white and the groom dog wearing a tuxedo. There are luxury dog apparel for the dog bridesmaids. They even have after 6 beautiful dog gowns. So when a wedding is announced, there is a lot to do. First you go shopping for a bride’s dress. I remember my daughter’s wedding a couple of years ago, and the excitement, and then all the work.

So the bride dog’s mom has the privilege of shopping for a bride’s dress for her. They can choose the wedding colors and choose the dresses made for dog bridesmaids. Next comes the flowers and the food for the reception. Of course there will be a lot of dog treats for all the dog friends. There are other times dogs may be dressed up for and there are some beautiful boy dog and girl dog clothes available.

Dog bridal gown

Dog bridal gown

Can you picture your beautiful bride dog in this elegant dress created with all the details any blushing bride would yearn for?

A dog’s diet is important

When you bring your brand new baby home, you make sure that he/she will have the best food possible.  You would research every formula and then decide what is best for junior.  The same should be true for your four-legged baby.  Your dog’s diet may be affected by allergies they have, or by other factors.  If you truly love your dog and he  really is man’s best friend there is no doubt that you will get him the best dog diet. Is there any doubt you want to keep your pet as healthy as possible? There are many ways to keep your dog happy and healthy. A nutritious diet for your dog is one of the best ways to positively influence the health and longevity of your pet.

You want your dog to be healthy and happy as long as possible.  Many people dress their dogs in stylish dog clothes and treat them as their babies.  And we want our children to be happy and blessed in every way.  So it is important to notice if the dog food you have chosen for your dog is nutritious and healthy.

Pet Control

We all love our pets and do not wish to see them on the street. So why would we not want to take precautions so that their babies are not on the street or abandoned. We need to be responsible pet owners and have our pets spayed or neutered. PETA says that a cat can have up to 4200 kittens in 7 years. That would happen if she was pregnant most of the time. However, there are 4 million dogs and cats that are homeless and have to be taken care of by the humane society. Animal shelters wish that we would adopt the pets that are with them, to give them good homes. The reason there are so many homeless dogs and cats is because pet owners do not practice good pet birth control. And when these pets mate with other breeds and there are mixed babies, many times they are unable to sell or give away these puppies or kittens and sometimes are left to fend for themselves.

When you buy your pet from the pet store or some breeders, you may be buying them from puppy mills. However, as a responsible pet owner, if you adopt from the Animal Shelters and make sure you spay or neuter them, you will reduce the number of unwanted puppies and kittens. Most people want to adopt a cute puppy and not an adult dog. The older the dog, the harder it is to get them adopted. Just as humans want to adopt infants rather than older children. Many of the animals that are not adopted may have to be euthanized, because there is no one to care for them.

Making sure that your pet is well taken care of and loved, means practicing pet birth control. How many of you have seen a puppy or a kitten that did not seem to have a home. Sometimes they adopt you if you feed them, but if not they wander around till the animal shelter picks them up. They are cared for, but need to be adopted. We cannot expect others to take care of the puppies and kittens born because we did not spay or neuter our pets. So be a responsible pet owner and practice pet birth control.

I love my daughter’s dog, Kate’s company, and loves dressing her up in stylish dog clothes and unique dog collars, and have her sleep on designer dog beds.

Pet Control.

Stylish dog clothes

Many pet owners are dressing up their dogs in stylish dog clothes. Usually it happens with pet owners who have grown children who have moved away and the dog becomes their child. Some pet owners may not have any children and the dogs become their children. Many parents look forward to a girl they can dress up in stylish dog clothes, or a boy in boy dog clothes. I know that my Kate looks just like a little girl when she is all dressed up in her pretty dog dresses.