How to pick the right collar

When we choose a collar for our dogs, there is a choice we make as to what the function of the collar will be. A regular cloth or leather collar is the best with a tag with the important information on it. Here are the options you have in choosing a dog collar:

  • A canvass or leather dog collar with a ring to attach the tag with all the information about your dog on it, in case they get lost
  • A fancy dog collar with some bling on it for every day wear for your special girl dog
  • A leather dog collar with jewels on it for special occasions which can be used for every day too
  • A string of pearls will also do well as a collar for your baby
  • A string of jewels, including diamonds for that special pooch that match your own jewelry
  • Then there are jeweled dog collars that have anywhere from 2-4 rows of jewels mounted on sterling silver plated mounts.
  • The width of the collar depends on the width of the neck of your dog
  • The collar must fit well not being too snug to choke your dog, or too loose that it will slip off over the neck
  • When measuring for a jeweled collar the measurement have to be the size of the neck and not of the collar

When deciding when to include a jeweled dog collar, one must be sure to have the dog supervised at all times. Though these jeweled dog collars are beautiful and can complement your jewelry and make the occasion special for both of you. It is important to make sure that your dog does not bite into the collar, thus dislodging a jewel or stone and swallow or choke on it. Another problem may be that the jewels will get hooked onto something and can literally hang your dog. Another consideration would be the possibility of your dog being stolen just for the diamonds or jewels on the dog collar. Do not put your dog in a cage with a jeweled dog collar on as many problems may ensue. If the jewels are valuable, be sure to remove them as soon as you get home and replace with the daily dog collar. Always make sure that you have a way to hang a tag with all your information on the dog collar to keep your dog safe and be able to find your dog if lost.

White diamonds on black velvet dog collar

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