Kate, the Morkie

My best friend lost her Boston Terrier in 2006. She has had a few dogs in her life, but after her Molly died, she has not gotten one yet. Her friend told her that she just could not get a “Prissy dog”. She’d have to get a larger dog. But after her friend visited my home, she met my Kate who as I said before is a Morkie. She is really a cute and fun dog. So when her friend met Kate, she told my friend, “you can have a Prissy dog” like Kate. As I said, Kate is a diva dog. She literally steals the hearts of all the people she meets. Actually, she even has a ‘god father’ and ‘god mother’, who are humans and love her.

Kate. When she was a baby, and she had a dog harness on, she looked like a ‘hamster on a leash’ according to her ‘god father’. But now that Kate is 2 1/2 years old, she is much bigger and can drag me around when she is wearing a harness and leash. I don’t use just a collar with a leash because I am afraid she will work herself right out of the dog collar and run into the road. She really is a ‘Prissy Dog’.