Oprah dresses her dog in stylish clothes

The other day I saw on TV that Oprah adopted, a dog that is.  What a cutie.  She was brought out in a cute and stylish dog dress and a lovely jeweled dog collar.  I hope she will find my site and check out the stylish dog clothes

Red Chinese Silk dog vest

Red Chinese Silk dog vest

and other designer products.  I know she could afford whatever she wants, but one does not need to spend a lot of money to get the very best.

Dog coats, dog jackets and dog harnesses on sale

If you are looking for cheap all weather dog coats, dog vests,  and stylish dog jackets that you can use through Spring and will still be usable in the winter, don’t wait one more moment longer. This is a very limited offer. See the previous blog for items and price drop.

Great prices for ony a day or two!!

Dog vests

As the cold weather continues, we wear coats, jackets or vests.  In the same manner, dogs need to keep warm too.  Dog coats and dog jackets are great to keep them warm, but in some cases a pretty dog vest fits the bill.  There are pretty leopard print fur trimmed hooded dog vests. The pink dog vests with white hearts on it, adds a love factor to it.  Your pup will truly feel loved in any of these pretty vests.  Pink seems to be the color for girl dog vests, but what about boy dogs?  There is a beautiful red Chinese silk dog vest that will look great on either sex.  They will look and feel like a king or queen.  Some like the sleeves of a coat and then some like it without any sleeves.  They both have their pros and cons.  The sleeves may feel awkward for some dogs and not fit well, and so the dog vests

Pink dog vest

Pink dog vest


do the job beautifully.

Knitted dog sweaters

With winter comes the need to keep your dogs warm.  Yet, you want them to look nice.  Check out the pretty knitted dog sweaters.  This  knitted dog sweater looks like a dress, it is pink and has a heart knitted right onto the back of the dog sweater.  This pretty dog sweater will not only keep your pooch warm but it will tell the world how much you love your dog.  Dog sweaters must not only look pretty but must fit well and do its job of keeping your dog warm and cozy.  When it snows and you want to take your four-legged best friend out with you, these dog sweaters, dog coats and dog vests will really come in handy.  There are dog sweaters and dog coats and dog vests

Knitted dog sweater

Knitted dog sweater

that are great for the Christmas season too.  In about two weeks  it will be Christmas.  Why not show the world that you believe in Christmas by having your dog wear one of the Christmas dog sweaters.

Rhinestone dog collars, dog vests, dog leash and dog Top hat for July 4h

The fourth of July is just around the corner and I am sure you are planning where the party is going to be, and who is bringing the different foods. Don’t put of til the last moment what you will be wearing. If you have a beloved pooch, you want him to look good for the outing, a little planning will give you the best costume for both of you. Let me suggest, this little vest that starts out the I love a parade theme. For your young man you could get this vest and leash with a top hat that will make him look like the president himself. The material is the material has ‘hearts of america‘ all over, and it is lined with cotton material. The leash can be covered with any fabric you choose. For your girl, we have this red, white and blue nautical and patriotic flair

, that she would look like the belle of the ball whether at the lake or at a picnic.

A finishing touch would probably be a ruby red and white Swarovski crystals, in sterling silver plated studs. This beautiful jeweled dog color is simply stunning. You wil want to be the first person to get your hands on this pretty collar. This collar can be worn all by itself or with another July 4th outfit.