Warning about Xylitol

I received the following email forward from my son-in-law and felt that it was important enough to copy it here so that all dog owners will be careful to protect your pets:

If you have a dog READ IT — then forward to all you
know who do have a dog !

If you don’t have a dog —

forward to all you know who do have a dog
as well as to those who love pets !!

This is true:

“Warning to all dog owners – pass this on to
everyone you can. Last Friday evening, I arrived home from
work, fed Chloe, our 24 Lb. dachshund, just as I normally
do. Ten minutes later I walked into the den just in time t o
see her head inside the pocket of Katie’s friend’s
purse. She had a guilty look on her face so I looked closer
and saw a small package of sugar-free gum. It contained
xylitol. I remembered that I had recently read that
sugar-free gum can be deadly for dogs so I jumped on line
and looked to see if xylitol was the ingredient. I found
the first website below and it was the one. Next, I called
our vet. She said to bring her in immediately.
Unfortunately, it was still rush hour and it took me almost
1/2 hour to get there. Meanwhile, since this was her first
case, our vet found another website to figure out the
treatment. She took Chloe and said they would induce her to
vomit, give her a ch arcoal drink to absorb the toxin (even
though they don’t think it works) then they would start
an iv with dextrose. The xylitol causes dogs to secrete
insulin so their bloo d sugar drops very quickly. The second
thing that happens is liver failure. If that happens, even
with aggressive treatment, it can be difficult to save
them. She told us she would call us. Almost two hours
later, the vet called and said that contents of her stomach
contained 2-3 gum wrappers and that her blood sugar had
dropped from 90 to 59 in 30 minutes. She wanted us to take
Chloe to another hospital that has a critical care unit
operating around the clock. We picked her up and took her
there. They had us call the ASPCA poison control for a
case number and for a donation, their doctors would direct
Chloe’s doctor on treatment. They would continue the
iv, monitor her blood every other hour and then in 2 days
test her liver function. She ended up with a central line
in her jugular vein since the one in her leg collapsed,
just as our regular vet had feared. Chloe spent almost the
entire weekend in the critical care hospital. After her
blood sugar was stabilized, she came home yesterday. They
ran all the tests again before they released her and so
far, no sign of liver damage. Had I not seen her hea d in
the purse, she probably would have died and we wouldn’t
even had known why.

Three vets told me this weekend, that they were
amazed that I even knew about it since they are first
learning about it too. Please tell everyone you know about
xylitol and dogs. It may save another life.”

Stylish dog clothes

In the Sunday paper here is Arkansas there was a picture of a Schnauzer and its owner dressed alike. They wore a white robe, curlers in their hair, and bunny rabbit bedroom slippers. It was interesting to see their picture. Just as this pet owner dressed her dog to match her own outfit, many other dog owners would love to dress their dogs in stylish dog clothes to match their own stylish clothes. My Kate is so cute and when she is dressed in stylish dog clothes, she really looks like a little girl. She is just like a baby. She wants to sit really close to me when she can. She is spending a week or so with me and I love the company. I also love to buy her stylish dog clothesRed hot dress and take pictures of her.

Stylish dog clothes do not have to be expensive and therefore is available to all dog owners who want to dress their dogs should be able to afford to dress them well. There are stylish dog clothes that are within $15 and can really look good on them. They can be worn to parties and other places.

Raised dog beds

I was just thinking about all the flooding we have had recently. I noticed that many people lost their homes and everything they had to the floods. However, there were a few lucky people who did not. Why? Because they had raised houses. Some of the houses were built on stilts and it was a blessing because it protected their homes. All around them was water, in fact people brought them groceries by boat, but they were dry. Just as a raised house saved them from floods, a raised dog bed protects the dogs from whatever is on the floor. Yes, even when it rains, the raised dog bed will not get all soggy and wet. In fact the raised dog bed helps the dog stay cool on hot days, because air can circulate under them. A raised dog bed can be placed anywhere and still be comfortable for the dog. Raised dog beds can be placed on cement, hard floors or even in the grass, and your pet stays comfortable no matter what the surface of the floor is like. There was one lady who said that she hated the steps up to her home, until now, when those steps up saved their home from the floods.

Man dives after dog

Last night on the news I heard about a man who dove into the Red River in Arkansas, after his dog, and was never seen again. My first thoughts were how awful. My second thoughts were, why did the dog not have on a dog collar and leash? Evidently this man and his wife were near the river, when the dog fell into the river, obviously, he did not have a leash or a harness. If he had a personalized dog collar, maybe someone who finds him can notify the family. It is important to have a personalized dog collar for identification in any situation when the dog may be lost. Later, I heard that this man had vanished along with the dog. Evidently the man had some serious criminal problems, and may have purposely disappeared with his dog, in the river. So no matter what kind of collar, a fancy dog collar, custom dog collars, or even a jeweled dog collar would have helped if this disappearance in the water was on purpose. So that defeats it’s purpose. Hopefully, the dog is safe, and maybe will return to his home. His master? Who knows if he planned his escape, leaving his wife at the edge of the river without a paddle.

Easter Dog Dresses

Tomorrow is Good Friday and Sunday is Easter, however, two Little Rock parks are hosting easter egg hunts on Saturday. The folks at the Angel’s Care Animal Rescue, which is a volunteer organization will be hosting their third ever, ‘Dog-Gone Easter Egg Hunt.” Dogs and their owners are invited to come and sniff and find the 2000 treat-filled Easter eggs. Owners are encouraged to dress their dogs in their Easter finest to strut and wiggle their tails in the Easter Bonnet Parade. I know there will be many owners there with designer dog clothes, and stylish dog clothes. Which designer dog apparel will win the big prize? I bet it will be the one in the most stylish dog clothes possible. I wish I could see all these cute dogs and their owners with their choice of designer dog apparel. No matter what they choose, I know each one will be the best dressed pooch to their owners. There is no love like puppy love.


Last night we had bad storms with lightening, thunder and flash floods. We had tornado warnings and thunderstorms. Kate just hates storms. She has to be held tight during the storms. There was no electricity either at their home, all night. When you cannot see your dog it is best to have a dog harness on so that you can keep track of where your pet is. A good dog harness will keep them safe and supported. Sometimes we like to use fancy dog harnesses or dog leads and harnesses together to keep your pet where you want them to be. If you have the dog harness on, and a lead when the storms come, you can get a hold of the lead and find your pet in the dark, to keep them safe. It is really important to keep our pets safe during storms so they will not get lost or hurt.

Pet flower bed

Kate went to the Veterinarian today for her check up and vaccination. She is doing just fine. Spring is in the air, and I can envision her on this cute flower-shaped dog bed. It has soft fleece petals and a plush center. Designer dog beds will be what I want for my cutie pie. These flower -shaped beds are luxury dog beds and come in two colors. Pink and green for a girl and blue and yellow designer dog beds for the boys. I know she would love the luxury dog beds too. She certainly has good taste. We have a dog bed here for her that is made of denim and she will hardly even look at it. But her pretty pink satin luxury dog bed is what she likes to get in and snuggle. I guess it must be a dog thing she does. She gets into her designer dog bed and scratches it and then it is ready for her to lie in it. I guess the dogs or rather our ‘babies’ get nothing but the best. When I was in Jamaica, the people there did not understand how a dog was even let into the house, leave alone having a designer dog bed or a luxury dog bed for them. There the dogs are strictly outdoors, and ate scraps, unlike our pets here in the USA. They asked me if it was true that our pets were like our babies, and I had to tell them it was true. I had Kate’s picture as my laptop screensaver, and they understood why we love them so much.

Designer dog apparel

Kate loves her designer dog apparel, and was the inspiration for my website. She is quite a little puppy, and has a great personality. When she is dressed up in her luxury dog clothes, she walks around like she knows she is pretty, and poses for the camera. Actually, my daughter gave me a calendar with kate as the calendar pin up in her stylish dog clothes. The calendar begins in April, and on each month, she has on different designer dog clothes. I look forward to putting it out on display next month.

I would like for you to see the designer dog clothes, stylish dog clothes, luxury dog clothes, unique dog collars and dog harnesses that I have on my website. They are really well designed and created with great detail. There is an evening gown on the luxury dog apparel section that has such details and beauty you would think it was created for a movie star. We also bridal dog clothes, dog tuxedos and one bride’s dress that has such detail as if it were a real person bride’s dress. If this peaks your curiosity just click on the luxury dog apparel link and you will see them.

Dog not an accessory

My daughter decided to write today’s blog, because, after all Kate is her baby.

My dog is not an accessory!


I do, however, love to accessorize her! Sometimes small dogs get a bad reputation because people think they are merely accessories. This is a stereotype and not my reality. I do love dressing Kate up in designer dog clothes, dog sweaters, fancy dog harnesses and matching leads, as well as put her hair up in cute dog bows and designer dog accessories, rhinestone tiaras or clips. That still does not make her my accessory; it just makes her well dressed. Since I do not live in a dog friendly city like L.A. or New York City, Kate does not get carried around from store to store. She mostly just gets to parade around family gatherings or pose for the camera. And let me tell you, once I slip her into one of her designer clothes, she definitely puts on a show. I just know she feels extra cute when she is dressed up in her luxury dog clothes! I don’t have kids yet, so until then, Kate will satisfy my urge to buy designer dog clothes and matching dog hair barrettes. My co-workers laugh at the idea of me dressing my dog in designer dog clothes. Yet, when I bring pictures of my little dressed up princess to work, they ooh and aah over how cute she looks. Just one look at that precious face and you just can’t help but smile. So dog tee shirts and dog hair bows do not make her an accessory, but I would certainly carry her everywhere with me if I could, just because I love her so much!

Nina Carter

Memory foam dog bed

What is a memory foam dog bed? Memory foam was invented by NASA in the 1970’s, but was never used in any space missions. By the 1990’s memory foam mattresses were being sold to consumers. Soon people realized that this was very helpful when they have arthritis. Well dogs get arthritis too, and so was created the memory foam dog bed. The memory foam conforms to the shape, weight and temperature of the dog and gives them a good alignment of the spine. It also supports the painful joints. Veterinarians offer other treatments for the aging arthritic dog, but they also recommend a memory foam bed to ease their pain.

However, not only aging arthritic dogs could benefit from a memory foam dog bed. Based on the size and weight of the dog, a thick memory foam dog bed that conforms to his body, but returns to its original state when he is off it, can be useful. Other dogs, whether they are younger, smaller or more energetic would love the cozy comfort the memory foam dog bed offers. Memory foam dog beds come in different shapes and colors. Some are oval and some are rectangular and flat. It is important to take the thickness of the memory foam dog bed into consideration when you purchase one for your pet. The bigger the dog, the thicker the memory foam should be.