Luxury dog apparel

Dogs are treated as not only part of the family, but almost human. I hear dog owners referring to their four-legged friends as their children. As a matter of fact, I am a grandma to a puppy. So we find the need for our ‘children’ to wear luxury dog apparel. What is included in luxury apparel. Boy dog tuxedos for the groom that come in black and white, with a pretty flower. The bride dog has luxurious bridal dog dress.

Owners who have a boy dog and a girl dog that are in love, create a beautiful wedding for their friends. The ceremony is replete in the bride dog wearing white and the groom dog wearing a tuxedo. There are luxury dog apparel for the dog bridesmaids. They even have after 6 beautiful dog gowns. So when a wedding is announced, there is a lot to do. First you go shopping for a bride’s dress. I remember my daughter’s wedding a couple of years ago, and the excitement, and then all the work.

So the bride dog’s mom has the privilege of shopping for a bride’s dress for her. They can choose the wedding colors and choose the dresses made for dog bridesmaids. Next comes the flowers and the food for the reception. Of course there will be a lot of dog treats for all the dog friends. There are other times dogs may be dressed up for and there are some beautiful boy dog and girl dog clothes available.

Dog bridal gown

Dog bridal gown

Can you picture your beautiful bride dog in this elegant dress created with all the details any blushing bride would yearn for?

Luxury dog clothes

evergreen velvet luxury dog apparel

evergreen velvet luxury dog apparel

I was reading about previous shelter animals who were adopted who came back to walk the catwalk to raise funds for the shelter. How wonderful that they could help other dogs and cats or any other animals to be rescued and hopefully have wonderful families as they do now. About 15 dogs modeled the best of dog fashions or luxury dog clothes for about 100 people who showed up at Asbury Park for this fundraiser. I am sure they had great fashions for the dogs, but there are times that it is difficult to find exactly what you need, in the sizes that you need them. We are able to offer luxury dog apparel that can be customized for your dog. If the sizes we have are not just right, we will make it for you and your charge will be based on the next closest size. All we need is your exact measurements and choice of the luxury dog apparel or designer dog apparel that you need and you will be thrilled to have the dress that fits your baby just right. It does not matter if you are an in between size. Most of the clothes in the luxury dog apparel and designer dog apparel

sections of my website offers this customization.

If a doggie wedding is planned or if your pooch is going to be part of your wedding, you will find exactly what you need, and we can even match your color scheme with our luxury dog apparel. Whether your pooch is going to be a flower dog or ‘best’ dog, we have dresses and dog tuxedos for you. If all you want is a dog collar, you will find some very elegant choices here.

Dressing dogs as brides

How does one decide if a dog is ready to get married?  Do we just pick a male and female dog to be married?  The Sun Times paper is reporting that Oakpark is planning a mass dog wedding called “I Do, Doggone It.”  They are trying to set a Guinness record of the number of simultaneous doggie weddings at the same time.  The record is 178.  They say they are doing this to help the Animal Care League.

A dog owner who heard about it, decided that she would be there and maybe her 83lb black Lab can marry her 8lb toy poodle just to join in the fun.  She plans to dress them up for the occasion too.  I am not sure which one will be the bride, but I am sure she will dress them up in bride dog clothes, and tuxedo dog clothes for the occasion.  I gather that a lot of the over 178 dog couples will dress for the occasion unless they decide to follow Pamela and Lee by going nude for their wedding.

A wedding is a wonderful occasion to get all dressed up.  I just returned from my niece’s wedding and everyone dressed is the most elegant and colorful clothes.  Most of the clothes were silk.  I am sure that a lot of the dog guests (if there are any who are not coupled) there will be dressed in luxury dog clothes and wear  beautiful and unique dog collars

Wedding guest dress(blue)

Wedding guest dress(blue)Floral sundress


Luxury dog clothes

I saw that Ashlee Simpson got married and her groom had his dog in the wedding.  The article did not say whether the dog wore a dog tuxedo or bride dog clothes depending on the sex of his dog.  Dogs are very much a part of their owners’ nuptials and graduations.  This is the season for weddings and humans and dogs will be looking for luxury dog clothes or bridal clothes for their owners.

Luxury dog clothes are important for any occasion that you want to celebrate.  Even a dog’s birthday calls for luxury dog clothes and accessories.  I love the pictures of dogs is pretty luxury dog clothes.  The soaring prices of oil is causing everything to be more expensive.  Travel for both pets and their owners are going to be so expensive that the luxuries are being sidestepped.

Dog not an accessory

My daughter decided to write today’s blog, because, after all Kate is her baby.

My dog is not an accessory!


I do, however, love to accessorize her! Sometimes small dogs get a bad reputation because people think they are merely accessories. This is a stereotype and not my reality. I do love dressing Kate up in designer dog clothes, dog sweaters, fancy dog harnesses and matching leads, as well as put her hair up in cute dog bows and designer dog accessories, rhinestone tiaras or clips. That still does not make her my accessory; it just makes her well dressed. Since I do not live in a dog friendly city like L.A. or New York City, Kate does not get carried around from store to store. She mostly just gets to parade around family gatherings or pose for the camera. And let me tell you, once I slip her into one of her designer clothes, she definitely puts on a show. I just know she feels extra cute when she is dressed up in her luxury dog clothes! I don’t have kids yet, so until then, Kate will satisfy my urge to buy designer dog clothes and matching dog hair barrettes. My co-workers laugh at the idea of me dressing my dog in designer dog clothes. Yet, when I bring pictures of my little dressed up princess to work, they ooh and aah over how cute she looks. Just one look at that precious face and you just can’t help but smile. So dog tee shirts and dog hair bows do not make her an accessory, but I would certainly carry her everywhere with me if I could, just because I love her so much!

Nina Carter