Dog coats, dog jackets and dog harnesses on sale

If you are looking for cheap all weather dog coats, dog vests,  and stylish dog jackets that you can use through Spring and will still be usable in the winter, don’t wait one more moment longer. This is a very limited offer. See the previous blog for items and price drop.

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Dog raincoats

I am sure that Gustav has made a great impression on all Americans.  The Republican National Convention put  a hold on their festivities to respect and make sure that those affected by this hurricane and the others that are on the way, would be helped quickly.  Some of us in the south are getting some of the effects of the hurricanes by having rain.  It has been raining continuously all day, and will be raining all day the next 2 days.  I know that no dog wants to go out to do their business, in this rain.  What would help a bit would be if they had their dog raincoats.  It is important that the dog raincoat fits well and covers the whole dog and their heads.  However, they still may balk at getting their feet wet if they don’t like the rain, but that can be remedied easily by wiping their feet before coming in the house, or you can invest in some dog boots or dog shoes.

Dog raincoats come in pretty pinks, blues, and even bright yellow.  The choice of the colors and styles of the dog raincoats depends on the pet owners tastes, and the type of dog you own.  On rainy days like today I don’t like to go out myself, and so you may have to resort to some alternative methods to keep your dog indoors and dry.  But of course, just like children like to run and play in the rain puddles, there may be some dogs who will love to play in the rain and get wet.

Dogs and the rain

The weather has been unpredictable, with tornadoes and rainstorms everywhere in the country. Even in places like Colorado where it snowed one day and the next there was a tornado that tore through the area. Here in the Midwest tornadoes have been demolishing houses and lives in it’s wake. It is so hot here that we almost wish for some rain. A gentle rain would be great and cooling. Even the dog may be willing to go out in the rain in a dog raincoat. I think the dog might even like to go out without a raincoat just to cool down. The weatherman says there are some thunderstorms may be in our forecast. Hopefully it will pass us with only a slight dousing.

The rain will be great for the lawn and plants. However, both man and dog would rather not have to go out when a tornado is coming. In fact, I can guarantee you that my Kate will not be willing to go out whether she has a dog raincoat on or not. In fact she runs and hides under something (usually the stairs or a table) when she sees the lightning or hears the thunder. I do believe that dogs can hear the storm coming long before we do. We usually try to hold on to her to calm her during a storm. My daughter is usually not happy when there is a thunderstorm, but some of the fear is put aside when she is trying to calm this baby (dog) during the storm. I do think that dog raincoats really come in handy when it just rains for days on end and they just need to get out at some point. Usually, several times a day.

Dog raincoats

Does your dog need a dog raincoat like we do? Don’t they like the water, is just that we do not want them to get wet. I bet a dog would love to run about in the rain, especially if it is a pretty day out. Given half a chance they would love to roll about in the dirt while they are wet. My mom’s dog Lucky would go outside and run into the water sprinklers and then he would come in all dirty and shake his shaggy fur all over the place. We use dog raincoats so that our dogs will not get all wet and mess up the house. Sometimes, we think about our carpets, furniture. But that is not the only reason. I spoke to a lady who bought a dog raincoat for her little dachshund. She wanted the dog raincoat and hat to protect her puppy’s ears. When she shakes her head a lot like most pups do when they play, but her ears flop around and causes it to bleed. This owner want a pink dog raincoat to protect her puppy from hurting herself. We humans are not all so self serving that we care only about the trouble our pets may cause, we truly do love our pets and will do just about anything to protect them from any harm.