Puppy dog collars: shamrock

Is green your color?  Do you love 3-leaf clovers?  I had a visitor to my site suggest that we make a dog harness with four leaf clover.  Yes that can be done with the four leaf clover ribbon, but the collars I want you to see are amazing.  These beautiful green and white rhinestone dog collars, have shamrocks on them.  I have three of these collars, and only one says ‘St. Patrick’s day” on it.  So these beautiful green rhinestone dog collars are good for any time of the year.  Your puppy will love these dog collars and will look so  pretty.  In fact other dogs will be ‘green with envy’ when your puppy wears these beautiful rhinestone shamrock dog collars.  So order early so you can get them in time for St. Patrick’s day or any day, just because

 rhinestone dog collar

rhinestone dog collar

St Patrick's day dog collar

St Patrick’s day dog collar

Shamrock sparkle rhinestone dog collars

Shamrock sparkle rhinestone dog collars

Rhinestone valentine’s dog collars

Shopping for Valentine’s day has begun.  Especially, if you are an internet purchaser, you want to give time for the item to be shipped on time or rather in time.  I have added a few rhinestone dog collars that will work really well for Valentine’s day, for anytime at all, when you want your dog to feel loved by you.  Have you noticed that when you place something pretty on our dog, he or she struts differently, holds their head higher up or straight, etc, just like after a haircut, we take every opportunity to look at the mirror.  Our pets like to look pretty, and know that pretty dog clothes and dog collars etc, make them feel good.  The other benefit is that you will feel good (you could even wear matching neckwear) that both you and your dog will look good and you will get great pictures.  The rhinestone dog collars and leashes come in real handy for weddings when you want your dog to be a part of the wedding party, and yet have fun.  We have red, pink or blue rhinestone dog collars

Red rhinestone dog collar with white hearts

Red and white heart rhinestone dog collar

Hot Pink rhinestone dog collar with heart charm

Hot pink valentine dog collar

Aqua Blue sweet stuff rhinestone dog collar

Blue sweet stuff dog collar

that have hearts on them or added as a tag.  You will have several choices of collars.  If you do not find what you want, please check back in a few days, as I am adding them as an ongoing process.

Jewled dog collar

How to pick the right dog collar

When we choose a collar for our dogs, there is a choice we make as to what the function of the collar will be. A regular cloth or leather collar is the best with a tag with the important information on it. Here are the options you have in choosing a dog collar:

  • A canvass or leather dog collar with a ring to attach the tag with all the information about your dog on it, in case they get lost
  • A fancy dog collar with some bling on it for every day wear for your special girl dog
  • A leather dog collar with jewels on it for special occasions which can be used for every day too
  • A string of pearls will also do well as a collar for your baby
  • A string of jewels, including diamonds for that special pooch that match your own jewelry
  • Then there are jeweled dog collars that have anywhere from 2-4 rows of jewels mounted on sterling silver plated mounts.
  • The width of the collar depends on the width of the neck of your dog
  • The collar must fit well not being too snug to choke your dog, or too loose that it will slip off over the neck
  • When measuring for a jeweled dog collar the measurement have to be the size of the neck and not of the collar

When deciding when to include a jeweled dog collar, one must be sure to have the dog supervised at all times. Though these jeweled dog collars are beautiful and can complement your jewelry and make the occasion special for both of you, it is important to make sure that your dog does not bite into the collar, thus dislodging a jewel or stone and swallow or choke on it. Another problem may be that the jewels will get hooked onto something and can literally hang your dog. Another consideration would be the possibility of your dog being stolen just for the diamonds or jewels on the dog collar. Do not put your dog in a cage with a jeweled dog collar on as many problems may ensue. If the jewels are valuable, be sure to remove them as soon as you get home and replace with the daily dog collar. Always make sure that you have a way to hang a tag with all your information on the dog collar to keep your dog safe and be able to find your dog if lost.

Fancy dog collars

Many pet owners would love to have fancy dog collars for their dogs. However, the small dogs may not be able to wear some of the dog collars that have jewels on it. The rigidity that the jewels cause will make it unsafe for the small dogs. You will find that jeweled dog collars do not come in the very small sizes. However, there are dog collars made of soft material that will be fine for all. Small dogs can also wear necklace type fancy dog collars.

In Peoria, the Foster Pet Outreach program had a costume show, where Lucy was dressed as daisy with a sunflower skirt. She had a necklace of daisies around her neck, just a fancy dog collar of daisies or pearls or jewels would work. Fancy dog collars or necklaces may be just part of a costume or a dress up outfit.

Boy dog shirts

Girl dogs, like humans have all the best clothing. So do only girl dogs get dressed up. Owners of boy dogs would love to dress them up. Boy dog shirts are available and really make a boy dog look like a boy. However, I have seen dogs dressed in a tee shirt that did not fit well, and really looked bad. Boy dog tee shirts are really cute when it fits well. I think that larger dogs are not necessarily proportionate and therefore the clothes do not fit well. But if the dogs were measured for the right size and proportion, these clothes could be made to fit them and will look much better. Most of the clothes are modeled on smaller dogs. Boy dog shirts and tees can fit proportionately if chosen.

There are Hawaiian boy dog shirts, and twin dog sweater sets. I am sure that whatever your choice is, you know what will look best on your boy dog. Boy dogs have shorter fur, or at least shorter on the head so that they do not require any clips to hold their hair up. They could have jeweled dog collars though to dress up. Since dogs need collars too, it would be appropriate to have a fancy dog collar.Boy dog baseball teeBoy dog jungle shirt Oh yes, and boy dogs and girl dogs could wear sunglasses if they choose to.

“Its either me or the dog”

I was watching the program”its either me or the dog” or something like that and was quite interested in the trainers methods. The little dog had completely taken over the wife’s life. She slept on the bed with them and wanted to go out in the middle of the night and went crazy when the mail came. She would attack anybody she came across on her walks. The trainer was very calm and good with her methods. She told them that the dog was not getting enough exercise and needed to play outside more, and go for more walks.

When the owner took her dog for a walk, the trainer told her to hold the leash on the dog collar and when they met someone on the road, she was to turn around and lead her with the leash on the dog collar and walk the other way. After a while, when she had walked a while, she was very calm when she met a person on the walk.

The family spent more time playing with their dog. One night, the wife had to leave and the husband was told to put the dog in her dog bed by the main bed. So at night, when the dog got on to the bed, he put her back in her bed, and did not pay attention to her when she wanted out in the middle of the night. After putting her back a couple of times, the she stayed in her dog bed for the rest of the night.

She was quite a pretty white dog and enjoyed her walks, and stayed on her leash and dog collar without charging at people on the walk. She became calmer and actually slept through the night. By the end of the training session, the dog was totally different. She was calmer because of the exercise she was getting during the day. The trainer mixed exercise with hand and short verbal commands, and it was quite an amazing transformation. So, there is no excuse for a dog to take over the owners’ lives. The owners must take over the dog’s life and treat him well and reward him for good behavior and change the negative behavior. A good dog collar and dog leash is an important part of training your dog.

Jeweled dog collars

Red jeweled dog collarblack jeweled collar

Dog collars come in many colors, width,  and with jewels on it.  Jeweled dog collars can be leather dog collars with jewels on it, or it can be like a necklace or a collar with a jeweled pendant.  What is the purpose of jeweled dog collars? It is not for training, or to be attached to a leash.  Jeweled dog collars serve one purpose and that is style and looks.  Wealthy dog owners/lovers want their pooches to look beautiful and money is no object.  Some pooches wear real diamond and gold collars that can be worth a lot of money.  But for  those who are concerned with price, but still want their pooches to look as good as their luckier counterpart, can get jeweled dog collars made of rhinestone or swarowski gemstones.  The jeweled dog collars, whether they are pricey or just look good serve the same purpose as jewelry worn by humans.  In fact, dog owners and their dogs can have matching jewelry and designer clothes.  So we could say that these lucky dogs are designer pooches.

A dog is identified by the dog collar he wears and therefore plays an important part.  But if the pooch is always in your care, a jeweled dog collar that can be customized works well.  Of course you may want to change their collar as you change your jewelry. So jeweled dog collars are just for adornment and looks.

Fancy dog collars

Dog collars come in all sizes and colors. With all the fancy dog collars on the market, how do we decide which one is best for our dog. We take into consideration the breed, size and color of the dog. It also depends on your own interests. Sometimes we match want to match the fancy dog collar with the jewelry the owner is wearing. If you are wearing pearls, you could have a fancy dog collar made out of pearls like the one on this dog. Or it may be a fancy dog collar with rhinestones on it, or it may just be a plain collar. A dog may have as many different fancy dog collars, as you have jewelry.


“They Could Have Danced All Night”

Our ‘diva dogs’ and ‘princesses’ and ‘prince’ all need designer dog apparel to lift up their spirits. “St Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in Madison NJ knows how to put on the dog” says an article titled “They Could Have Danced All Night.” They have an annual ‘Canine Cotillion’ where the men are dressed in Tuxedos and the ladies in fashionable dresses, but the real guests are their dogs who are dressed in designer dog clothes for the special dog cotillion. The dogs were dressed in designer dog clothes, fancy dog collars and leashes. They had special dog treats and all of them were well behaved. It would have been so much fun to see all the small dogs and big dogs and medium dogs all dressed in designer dog clothes. The writer said there was no barking and the dogs were well behaved, except for a few little dogs who were so well dressed that they seemed to say ‘look at me!’kate-009.jpg

Man dives after dog

Last night on the news I heard about a man who dove into the Red River in Arkansas, after his dog, and was never seen again. My first thoughts were how awful. My second thoughts were, why did the dog not have on a dog collar and leash? Evidently this man and his wife were near the river, when the dog fell into the river, obviously, he did not have a leash or a harness. If he had a personalized dog collar, maybe someone who finds him can notify the family. It is important to have a personalized dog collar for identification in any situation when the dog may be lost. Later, I heard that this man had vanished along with the dog. Evidently the man had some serious criminal problems, and may have purposely disappeared with his dog, in the river. So no matter what kind of collar, a fancy dog collar, custom dog collars, or even a jeweled dog collar would have helped if this disappearance in the water was on purpose. So that defeats it’s purpose. Hopefully, the dog is safe, and maybe will return to his home. His master? Who knows if he planned his escape, leaving his wife at the edge of the river without a paddle.