Easter jeweled dog collars

Easter is right around the corner, and your dogs will be well accessorized with these beautiful Easter jeweled dog collar that will match their Easter outfits.    These beautiful Easter dog collars come in pink, blue and purple and matching colored bunny tags.  There are so many pretty dog collars and leashes.  Your dog will feel so loved to have a pretty collar that looks more like a necklace.  When dogs are dressed up they walk differently, almost with pride that their owner loves them.  And your reward will be unconditional love.

Many single people decide to have a dog for companionship, but they find the dog just becomes so important to them.  They are more outgoing, get to take walks with them and with all the dog parks available in many cities, they will people with like interests and develop friendships too.

So go for it.  Get them pretty collars, or jeweled harnesses or jeweled dog leashes.  All of these are for the special days in your lives.

Jeweled dog harnesses

Dog harnesses are better to use for your dogs than most collars.  The dog harness gives you more even control over your dog, and if your dog tends to pull on the leash, harnesses will protect your dog’s neck.  This is very important, especially for small dogs whose trachea can be hurt by pulling on the leash attached to a collar.  Dog harnesses come in different shapes, sizes and styles.  One must be sure to measure your dog well so the harness is neither too big or too small.

There was a story some time ago about a dog that was left outdoors all the time, in rain or shine.  When the dog shelter went to investigate, the dog had a harness that was way too small, evidently, the owners put that harness on their little dog and never changed it, or really took care of the dog.  The dog was found almost cut in half by this harness that was digging deep into his body because the harness was for a puppy, and as he grew the harness did not grow with him  I say this to let you know how important it is to update and care for the harnesses and the dog.  If these dog owners had even given their pet a bath, they would have noticed the problem.

Dog harnesses are made of cloth, leather, and other materials.  The most beautiful ones are the rhinestone dog harnesses.  There are rhinestone dog harnesses that come in different colors and sizes.  There are light pink and hot pink rhinestones harnesses on pink ribbons, or there are black rhinestone harnesses on which you can choose to have clear, pink or red rhinestones on them.  So the black with the clear stones will look good on your boy dog and any pink will be great on your girl dog.  Of course you could use any color that you like.  We can make custom size harnesses.  These harnesses are heavy due to the weight of the stones, and therefore best used under supervision.

Pink rhinestone dog harness

Pink rhinestone dog harness

We can make matching leashes for your precious babies, and custom leashes with 2 or 3 rows of matching stones if you contact me.  I will also need specific measurements, so look for an email from me: evangeline5104@gmail.com

Black Rhinestone harness with clear, pink, or red stones

Jeweled dog collars and double leashes

If you had 2 dogs that you want to out for a walk, instead of having to fuss with 2 leashes, why you try our black jeweled double leash? We even have matching jeweled dog collars, and jeweled dog harnesses

Jeweled black doublelead

Jeweled black doublelead

. Having this jeweled double leash will remove the problems of keeping their separate leashes in the right hand. However, with the double jeweled black leashes, you hook it onto both your dogs, and you have one leash to hold and that way you are comfortable and they are happy because there will not be any wast of time trying to figure out which leash goes with which dog.

I would like to turn your attention to the jeweled dog harnesses we have. Remember that the small dogs are better off with harnesses, and that way if they pull too hard, their necks won’t be hurt , and especially if you yank on the collar of a small dog, you may cause her trachea to snap. So give you small dogs a great Christmas present, and get them some pretty jeweled dog harnesses and jeweled leashes to go with the jeweled dog harnesses.

Jeweled dog leash

This leash is very beautiful and you can walk both your dogs with this black and elegant jeweled dog leashes. This leash is black with white rhinestones set in sterling silver plate settings. Just imagine walking in the park with both your precious dogs, and they have this dazzling double jeweled dog leashes. They will be the shining stars in the park and you can be very proud indeed of the way they look. You may want to splurge and get them matching black and white dog collars. The collars are black and the rhinestones are white and set in sterling silver plate settings. Or you may want them both to have the black and white jeweled dog harnesses to which you can attach the double jeweled dog leash. Now you may stop traffic on your way to the park, because both your babies will be dressed to the hilt and will blind anyone who tries to compete with your pooches.

Dog almost cut in half by harness

I was reading this news item about a dog that was dropped off at the animal shelter who was almost cut in half by the dog harness.  The owner was tracked down and they found out that the woman never changed the harness that she placed on him when he was a puppy.  This woman left this dog out in the rain and never cared for him.  If she had held him or bathed him she would have known that the harness was cutting into his flesh.  When we choose to place a dog harness on our pet, we must remember to measure it correctly, and remove it when not in use.  The dog harness must be changed as the dog grows or gains weight.  In the case of the above dog, the harness had cut into the dog and the fur had grown over it.  We must measure the dog’s girth, that is around the body, just behind the front two legs.

We carry fancy dog harnesses and jeweled dog harnesses.  If you like hot pink or black the jewels are beautiful and with a matching leash, your baby will look marvelous.  Please be sure to measure the girth with a cloth measure and measure it snugly, so that we can adjust for comfort.  Always check the skin around the dog harnesses to make sure that the skin is not red or broken.  If there is any irritation, please remove the harness immediately.

Dog leads and harnesses

My ‘grandbaby’ Kate is staying with me for a week or two while her parents go out of town for the memorial weekend.  She is quite a strong little puppy for about 7-8lbs.  When we got outside, she has on a pink camo dog harness with a matching pink camo leash, she literally drags me wherever she wants to go.  When we go to the back of the house, she first walks all around the pool and then she will do her business.  When we go to the front she takes me around our circular driveway.  If she did not have on a dog harness, I hate to think that her collar may have choked her by now.  I do let her have her own way up to a limit.  When I do pull her my way, it is very gently, but she can put the brakes on pretty strong.  The reason we have on a dog harness for her is because she is just a little dog, and if one were to yank on her collar in the wrong way it could occlude or destroy her trachea.  It is important for us to use a dog harness for the small and the strong-willed dogs.  Some dogs that tend to go wild when they see other dogs, are best handled with a dog harness.  Yesterday we were out and Kate wanted to see the dog next door who was also on a walk.  But when the other dog came near he started barking and lunging, and the owner was having a hard time holding onto him with only a leash on a collar.

Pretty dog harnesses and matching leashes keeps the owner and the dog stylish and happy.  Sometimes, I use a leash with jewels on it, but it does not match the pink camo dog harness that Kate has on right now.  It is fun to use the matching leash.  The most style conscious pet owners make sure they have jeweled dog harnesses and leashes or just a matching pretty flowered dog harness and leash.