America, a paradise for dogs

I was reading a post and saw this quote by an Indian pundit: ‘If you are good in this life, maybe you will come back as a dog in America.” The reason for this saying is that a dog is treated so well in this country that it would be great to come back as a dog. A dog’s life in America is like living in paradise. Many dog owners dress their dogs in stylish dog clothes and feed them only the best food, sometimes even better than themselves. Our dogs here go to fashion shows where they wear the very best and stylish dog clothes. There are dresses made of silk, cotton and designed to suit the occasion. Some of the stylish dog clothes look like little girl clothes, and they actually look like little girls.

Stylish dog clothes

Stylish dog clothes

My mother has come to live with me and my daughter and her husband came down to visit with her and brought their little Kate. They dressed her in a blue stylish dog dress and put her hair up with a blue bow and she just ran around showing off her dress. When they dress her, she just rolls over and lets them put on the dress. She seems pretty comfortable in these outfits.

Dog not an accessory

My daughter decided to write today’s blog, because, after all Kate is her baby.

My dog is not an accessory!


I do, however, love to accessorize her! Sometimes small dogs get a bad reputation because people think they are merely accessories. This is a stereotype and not my reality. I do love dressing Kate up in designer dog clothes, dog sweaters, fancy dog harnesses and matching leads, as well as put her hair up in cute dog bows and designer dog accessories, rhinestone tiaras or clips. That still does not make her my accessory; it just makes her well dressed. Since I do not live in a dog friendly city like L.A. or New York City, Kate does not get carried around from store to store. She mostly just gets to parade around family gatherings or pose for the camera. And let me tell you, once I slip her into one of her designer clothes, she definitely puts on a show. I just know she feels extra cute when she is dressed up in her luxury dog clothes! I don’t have kids yet, so until then, Kate will satisfy my urge to buy designer dog clothes and matching dog hair barrettes. My co-workers laugh at the idea of me dressing my dog in designer dog clothes. Yet, when I bring pictures of my little dressed up princess to work, they ooh and aah over how cute she looks. Just one look at that precious face and you just can’t help but smile. So dog tee shirts and dog hair bows do not make her an accessory, but I would certainly carry her everywhere with me if I could, just because I love her so much!

Nina Carter

Dog Accessories

kate-062.jpgIt is interesting that just like humans, puppies need dog accessories. Since Kate is a Morkie, she has hair like a Maltese. Her hair falls into her face and you cannot see her eyes, and that makes you wonder if she can see through all that hair. When Kate came back from the groomers she would have her hair up in a trendy dog accessories. When Kate was younger, she would have those clips off in a short while. She would roll on the floor and get that clip or bow off. But my daughter would put her hair up and in a scrunchie and pretty designer dog accessories. At first, Kate would get it off, but when she saw that it was a losing battle, she finally gave up, and now she lets us put her hair in designer dog accessories or tiaras, and I think she realizes that she can see better with the hair accessories to keep the hair off her face and eyes. When she has on a pretty dress she wears pretty designer dog accessories such as rhinestone barrettes that match her dresses, and she looks like a princesses.