Designer Dog Apparel

Dogs do not need to be dressed up. They come with their own beautiful coat of fur. Some have short fur and some have long fur, or fluffy fur which is the clothing God gave them. However, we have taken the animals and domesticated them to the point that we forget that they are not human. Remember the movie Legally Blonde? The main character had a small dog that she carried around in a designer bag, dressed in designer dog apparel. They both were perfectly matched at all times. Many pet lovers and owners look for the very best for their pooches. Sometimes they take care of their pets better than themselves. I was reading ‘Dear Abby” yesterday, and a lady was complaining that when they run out of food for their cat, instead of going to the store and buying more cat food, her husband would feed the cat the liver pate she was saving for special occasions. There are many pet apparel stores around the world. Pet fashion has become big business. Naturally, everyone is looking for the best designer dog apparel they possibly can.

Many Manufacturers have special designers to perfect the garment to fit the pooch. It depends on your taste as to what you think is pretty. Just like the clothes on the runway can be interesting, many of those outfits don’t really suit everyone. Similarly, dog couture can depend on the taste of the owner. I like pretty and soft fabrics for the designer outfits. Did you know that Paris Hilton has 17 dogs? She certainly can afford to dress each of them in the very best dog clothes. Again, she too likes to have matching outfits for the dogs she carries with her. No, I do not know if she dresses all her dogs all the time. Dog clothes must cover the whole dog, otherwise it looks like they are missing their pants. But putting on pants for dogs can be inconvenient for the pet and the owner. The dresses and shirts are made with the fact that dogs need to go and cannot tell us when.

It is important to size the designer dog clothes with correct measurements. If you put a big dog in clothes designed for small dogs it could look awkward. Actually, if you are going to spend the money, it is best to send your pet’s measurements and have the outfits custom made for your pooch. My daughter’s dog looks beautiful in the pretty dresses she wears. I find that it is important to brush her fur after you remove the clothes so that the fur does not get matted.

Designer Dog Apparel.

Designer dog clothes

Many a time you will find dog owners with dogs that just don’t fit the designer dog clothes available in stores or online, and think that they will just have to do with what they find.  Very often we find these odd sized dogs wearing just a bandana or a dog collar because they could not find a pretty dress that would fit their baby.  We have some pretty designer dog clothes that could be customized to the proper size for dogs of any size or fit.  I hate to see any pet owner who wants to dress their dogs not be able to.

Did you hear about the dogs that are helping children in Chicago, read.  At first I could not understand how that could happen, but I found out on World News with Brian Williams, that the children read to the dogs and the dogs of course do not criticize them, so they are not nervous to read to them.  Dogs are always accommodating and will love you no matter what.  This way, the children know that they will have the gentlest teachers they need to help them read.  It is always great when man’s best friend can help out in the schools. The pug dog was wearing a green bandana with the word ‘Read’ on it.

It would be nice if these ‘reading dogs’ could dress up in designer dog clothes for their part in the education of these young children.

Beautiful pink dress

Beautiful pink dress

Sierra Leone plans to arrest 30,000 dogs!

Wedding guest dress(blue)

Wedding guest dress(blue)

“The humane stray dogs and rabies control programme has disclosed plans to arrest and take care of over 30,000 dogs across the country.”  Sierra Leone has a lot of rabid dogs and several people have been infected and so the humane society intends to arrest these dogs and vaccinate them to protect them and the people.  It is a great program, unlike a Mayor sending stray dogs to the National forest to fend for themselves.

If dogs are taken care of and vaccinated, spayed and neutered, hopefully there will be less stray dogs.  Dog owners in the USA are required to follow the rules and keep their pets safe.  Many pet owners love their dogs so much that they treat them like their own children.  Pet owners feed them the best food and dress them up in designer dog clothes to show them off.  Designer dog clothes are available to suit almost every taste.  Some like fancy designer dog clothes made of silk, or others may look for a stretch fabric that will fit their pet as they expand a little.  Some like  dog T-Shirts and others like pretty designer dog dresses, and others prefer just a simple dog tie around the neck.

Some dogs think they are human

My daughter’s dog, Kate, does not know that she is a dog.  She has such personality that I forget she is a dog. She gets really excited when I go to visit her or when she comes here.  We wonder how they can recognize towns and when they are nearing a place they either like or dislike.  She also knows she is a pretty girl and looks even prettier when she wears designer dog clothes.  I love the way she poses for her pictures when she is all dressed up.  One time, her ‘parents’ changed several designer dog dresses, and combed and straightened her hair with an electric hair straightener, and she acted like a very obedient little girl.  I am amazed at how she not only tolerates but seems to enjoy all the attention.  Of course, after a while, she gets tired too, and the pose may not be held quite as long.  But she hangs in there without a complaint when she is changed from one designer dog dress to another.

I am looking forward to her meeting my mother, who lost her own dog not too long ago.  She has developed Alzheimer’s and needs more close supervision than my siblings can give her in California, so I am bringing her to Arkansas to live with me.  I am home all day, since I am disabled, I think it is best she stay with me.  We will be having visiting privileges with Kate, and I am sure she will brighten my mom’s life tremendously.  I bet my mom’s eyes will light up when she sees how Kate likes getting dressed up in designer dog clothes.  My mom’s dog was a boy and she did not even think about dressing him up.  So this will be a new and fun experience for my mom.  Kate allows us to treat her like a little person.

Designer dog clothes

My daughter gave me a wonderful gift on Mother’s day.  It was an album of her and her husband since they were babies, their engagement, wedding and their little addition to their family.  Well, they do not have children yet, but their little Morkie dog(Kate) is their baby right now.  Earlier they gave me a calendar of 12 pictures of Kate in designer dog dresses.  She really does pose well, and I love the different pictures I get to have in front of me every month.  My daughter always loved unique clothes, and we try to find the best designer dog clothes we can for Kate as she is our baby right now.

There is an interesting game where you can choose different clothes to dress up the dog.  You pick the different parts to the costume and you can dress this poodle with any designer dog clothes you want to.  You can even put on different colored hair, and booties.  Now as summer is here our pets may have designer dog clothes in sundresses

Designer dog apparel


Designer dog apparel

In the movie Legally Blonde the main character always carried her dog in a designer dog bag and her clothes always matched with the designer dog apparel the dog was wearing. It stands to reason that people love their dogs so much that they want them to have the same things as they do. It has been said that the dogs and their owners eventually look alike. Well dressed ladies would like to dress their dogs in designer dog apparel and usually the carry the dog as an accessory to their outfit. I understand that Paris Hilton has 17 dogs. I am sure she can afford to have designer dog apparel for each of her 17 dogs.

This company that makes the designer dog apparel, has a designer that makes the dress and puts it on their dog, and when it is approved by the dog, they have it manufactured. So personal attention goes into the details of the designer dog clothes that they make. The clothes are beautiful, elegant and well worth the price. I have seen dog clothes that do not even cover the whole dog. It looks as if they are wearing a top without the pants, and yet when you see a dog in pants, it looks awkward. However, pants and shorts and bikinis are sold for dogs, but I prefer the designer dog apparel. It looks nice and the dogs are well dressed and you can take them anywhere and still be in style.

Dog jacket clothes

a-night-at-the-opera.jpgDogs need to be in style wherever they go. There are special class.jpg  dog jacket clothes for them with a hat too. There are dog jacket clothes that are appropriate for a trip on the yacht, or dog jacket clothes that are worn to the park on a Sunday afternoon. These dog jacket clothes are trendy and also protect your pet from the wind. However, I wanted to mention of a real hot dog I discovered. Actually I received the information from the fibromyalgia network. They are breeding Xolo dogs who do not have much hair but create a lot of heat, and therefore they are being used as service dogs for chronic pain relief that is relieved by heat. They are basically, hot dog heating pads. If you have a chronic pain condition check them out at:

“They Could Have Danced All Night”

Our ‘diva dogs’ and ‘princesses’ and ‘prince’ all need designer dog apparel to lift up their spirits. “St Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in Madison NJ knows how to put on the dog” says an article titled “They Could Have Danced All Night.” They have an annual ‘Canine Cotillion’ where the men are dressed in Tuxedos and the ladies in fashionable dresses, but the real guests are their dogs who are dressed in designer dog clothes for the special dog cotillion. The dogs were dressed in designer dog clothes, fancy dog collars and leashes. They had special dog treats and all of them were well behaved. It would have been so much fun to see all the small dogs and big dogs and medium dogs all dressed in designer dog clothes. The writer said there was no barking and the dogs were well behaved, except for a few little dogs who were so well dressed that they seemed to say ‘look at me!’kate-009.jpg

Going to rain again!!

We have been have a flooding problem here in Arkansas and just as the water is receding, it is supposed to rain again! What is a puppy to do with to do with all this rain! Well, I guess he might have to wear his blue dog rain coat to protect his fur. She has a pretty pink dog rain coat with black polka dotted belt. Won’t she be so pretty in the middle of all those boys in their dog rain coats. We as humans do not like to get our heads wet (especially ladies) when it rains, so we get an umbrella or raincoat to protect ourselves. Our four legged friends have hair or fur all over their bodies, so they will need dog rain coats to protect them, or else you will have a pretty wet, muddy pooch on your hands, when he or she comes in from the rain. When you hang up your raincoat on a wall hook, be sure to make space and hang up your dog’s dog rain coat too, so it will be handy when they have to go out in a hurry. Especially when you get home from work.

Bu raincoatza475.jpg

I know my Kate loves pink. I guess it is really her mom’s favorite color, and since Kate is a girl we tend to buy her a lot of pink, including dog rain coats, dog sweaters, and designer dog clothes.

Easter Dog Dresses

Tomorrow is Good Friday and Sunday is Easter, however, two Little Rock parks are hosting easter egg hunts on Saturday. The folks at the Angel’s Care Animal Rescue, which is a volunteer organization will be hosting their third ever, ‘Dog-Gone Easter Egg Hunt.” Dogs and their owners are invited to come and sniff and find the 2000 treat-filled Easter eggs. Owners are encouraged to dress their dogs in their Easter finest to strut and wiggle their tails in the Easter Bonnet Parade. I know there will be many owners there with designer dog clothes, and stylish dog clothes. Which designer dog apparel will win the big prize? I bet it will be the one in the most stylish dog clothes possible. I wish I could see all these cute dogs and their owners with their choice of designer dog apparel. No matter what they choose, I know each one will be the best dressed pooch to their owners. There is no love like puppy love.